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kind of dated but i do.

i practice em in a small community hospital, 7k visits a year, 12 hour shifts, one pa on duty, primary available by phone. employed and staffed by small pa owned group.

professionally, this is great. much autonomy plus i have been here 12 years and people seek me out and listen to me. salary is at top of aapa published range for em, good bennies and i dont have to argue with anyone about cme activities or get their approval b/c someone realizes i am a professional. vt pa law is reasonable, we just transferred to a license from a certification 2 years ago.

on the other hand, vermont is tough in general. probably only reason i am here is because i grew up in the town i practice in. so this is home. but home has its issues. limited industrial base unless you count maple syrup and craft beer. heavily dependent on tourism in some areas. real estate and income taxes high and entry into real estate is near unachievable unless bringing in equity. services and recreation can not be up to what you left behind from where you came. there is a significant brain drain and a rapidly aging population. most of my days are spent taking care of 85 year olds. add to that what appears to be a burgeoning heroin problem (probably overstated in some areas). that and the polar vortex (its cold and snowing in new england, really!) have got me contemplating.

so very much a mixed bag.

anyone specifically interested in vt, let me know.

george brothers pa-c

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How about specifics of what PA can and can't do?


Sch II? 

Sch III?

What supervision requirements are required from the Doc?

Can you sign all medicaid forms?

Sign Death Certificate?

What type of supervision meetings are required? quarterly, yearly?

Chart Review/cosign?


Getting frustrated with MASS and live close to VT and considering the drive......




In general, what things can you NOT do if you are the only provider in the office?  ie federally we can not sign VNA or Hospice orders, but what about state level?

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