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Admissions Deposit Discrepancy

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I'll preface my question by saying I've looked over the forum at other posts discussing this and have learned the following about admission deposits: 


1. All schools require a deposit to hold your seat- usually $500-$1000. This usually goes toward your tuition if you go there and is fortified if you do not. 

2. Most people would say that you should always accept the first offer you get (and pay the deposit) to ensure that you will be going to PA school - in case you don't get in anywhere else. 

3. PA school is expensive and in the grand scheme of things this deposit is not very substantial. 


I recently interviewed at a school and was offered admission the next day (Yay!!). I'm extremely excited and really like the school, though it is not my first choice and may not end up going there depending upon what other schools I get into. At the interview, they told me that if I was accepted I would be required to give them a $1000 deposit to hold my seat. This was standard and I went into the interview prepared to do so if offered admission. I recently received my acceptance letter and it stated that they required a deposit of $1500. I understand that this isn't a lot more money (only $500). However, for someone who has only recently paid off undergraduate loans and won't receive additional student aid until next year (August 2014) this poses a financial burden. I am wondering this: Is it okay to email the program and ask for clarification about the deposit? Can I explain to them that I was told at the interview the deposit would be $1000 and ask if the $1500 stated in the letter was correct? 


Has anyone else come across something like this?  Also, please don't attack me for asking this question. I understand that $500 isn't that much money but I have been in debt my whole adult life and just got out of it. I would also like to say that I understand that PA school is extremely expensive and that I'll be back in debt soon- so please do not respond saying I'm not prepared for PA school because I'm asking this question. Thanks everyone! 

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