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  1. Thanks Sdoo! Good luck to you all as well! I also have gotten into a few other schools, so luckily I have lots of options. I'm going to hold onto my spot on the wait list though and see what happens! :) I would love to attend Duke
  2. I interviewed back in October and am also wait listed! #16 I'm just glad I heard something- the wait was so long!
  3. I actually ended up not accepting.. Hopefully that frees up a spot for someone else!
  4. There are a lot of great comments on here but I have a few suggestions I don't think I've seen much of- I was rejected my first year applying and I had very similar stats as you. After being rejected I . .. 1) retook my GRE- got a stellar score that really helped me stand out (this may not be a huge factor for most schools but I've been told from admin committees that a great GRE will make up for other parts of your application that may be lacking and help you get that interview) 2) quit my job and got a similar one working in a different field that gave me more exposure and new skills (but still was in primary care, which is what I'm interested in and was a focus in my application) 3) trashed my personal statement and rewrote it a million times with multiple critiques 4) prior to applying and after I sent in my CASPA I went to as many open houses as I could, shook hands with program directors, asked questions and just made small talk- the fact that you went to the open house often goes in your application packet 5) at interviews, I went out of my way to socialize with everyone- if there was an awkward silence in the group of applicants I would say "so... how did everyone get their health care experience?" and then make sure to listen and comment vs. just asking a question to ask it. multiple schools I got into actually said that they noticed my people skills with the other applicants during down times/group interviews or that current PA students commented on how well I got along with the other applicants. I think this is huge because PA programs are often looking for a good fit. 6) Lastly, I practiced interviewing and being myself- I didn't memorize any answers but for instance when I would get asked "Why do you want to be a PA?" I had 3 good talking points ready already in my head and I could pick which one was best suited to this school/situation. I hope this helps! Keep your chin up!! I applied to 12 schools, was offered interviews at 9, actually interviewed at 6 and got into all of them.
  5. So I'm actually going through something pretty similar choosing between ECU and a more expensive (more prestigious) private school and to tell you the truth I'm leaning towards ECU. I've talked to PAs who are still in debt after being out of school for 10+ years. I know that you shouldn't make your choice solely based on money, but for me that's definitely a factor and if job outlook and "fit" are similar then I would consider the cheaper option. I agree with the other comments that fit is really important but I would also argue that having a support system close by can be crucial too. Though your classmates my become your support system... I'm not sure what your relationship situation is, but I think it would put a lot of stress on me to leave my boyfriend of 4 years and therefore its a big factor in my decision. I hope that helps some- and I would love to see if former PA students agree with me or disagree!
  6. Thanks MarciKiser! I'll definitely look into the places you mentioned! :)
  7. Hey cawatts- I believe the waiting list is just because they don't know what will be available, but the person I've been talking to at Treybrooke (Chelsie) also said that they fill up very quickly for August rentals because all the new health sciences students are moving in. I haven't been to look at apartments yet- I'm thinking I'll go visit sometime in March.
  8. Hi everyone! I'm so excited to get to know you all! I've been looking into Treybrooke and they said I could get on their waiting list- I like the idea of walking to class in the morning vs. driving in. Can anyone from the Greenville comment on crime in the area? I'm from Durham and there is just certain areas you wouldn't want to live in- is it the same for Greenville?
  9. I got an email this afternoon saying that I was accepted!! :)
  10. I interviewed Jan 17th and haven't heard anything yet!
  11. Hi all! I was accepted to the PA/MPH program! I'm still on the fence between GW and some other schools though. Sounds like the GW dual degree program is super expensive. Do any of the other dualers have information on the tuition for the dual year? Thanks! Kris
  12. Thank you so much for your reply Sara! That's very helpful!! I'm glad to hear you like Elon and congrats on finishing your first year!
  13. Hi everyone! I just got into Elon (enrolling in Jan 2015) and now have to make some decisions! I got into 3 other schools and have interviewed but am waiting to hear from 2 others. If any of you are still around the forum would you mind sharing why you chose Elon and how your first year is going? Also- congrats on almost being done with your didactic year!! Thanks! :)
  14. Is everyone accepting?! It's great we get so long to decide! :)
  15. I just checked my "OnTrack for Applicants" account and it says I'm admitted! Though I didn't get the call yet!! Yay!
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