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RCC how many times applied?

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For those of you who have applied to Riverside Community College (RCC) and either got accepted or denied. How many times did you apply before making it into the program? I am from Riverside county but I am not in the RCC district. I am thinking of moving to the area though. Do you know how many people apply to the program every year? I still have a long road ahead of me, but I am hoping to apply for Fall 2015. In the mean time, I will be doing an online Bachelor program in Health Care Admin, finishing all pre reqs, and getting my HCE as a CNA. I start school for CNA in November of this year. I am basically a 3.0 student, but I am going to try very hard to bring my GPA up. I am doing hours of research to make sure I get into this program. I want to know everything I can figure out about how to get into the RCC PA program. Any info will help! I just hoping once I meet the pre reqs that I will be accepted the first time I apply. I know from researching, the application has to be perfect, no mistakes allowed. Anything that you think I should know, please share your information. I may not be the best "book smart person" but I am smart, and Im a hard worker. I would love to achieve my goal of becoming a PA.

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