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Gardner-Webb University in NC

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CONGRATS!!! I know this program will be great! Even though I could not apply this year without my pre-reqs complete I have enjoyed my conversations with Amanda and I owe my current and future success to many great GWU people. ~GWU Alum and future PA, Tia Fox

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Congratulations! I am very exited about it!

I have a few questions for you. Mrs Chapman and everyone else I spoke to at GWU have been very helpful.


-When can I start applying for January 2015? I know you will be using CASPA for a first time. I believe CASPA opens up in April but I would like to double check.


-Is Pharmacy Technician experience considered medium health care experience?(I've been PT for over 2 years)


-For Organic Chemistry 1 and 2 with 2 different grades(Org Chem 1- C, Org Chem 2-B), do you take the higher one (B)?I took the first class with 4 other classes resulting in 4 A's and 1 C.


-When does the interviewing process for Jan 2015 start? Can you please include exact dates due to planning on a international humanitarian trip.



I apreciate all your help in advance!
Best Regards,

Gergana N.

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Wallace, I apreciate your willingness to help.


Dr. Davenport, I've emailed Professor Mullington. She informed me that Brittney Blanton is coordinating the open house this year. Thank you again for everything.



Happy spring to both of you,


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