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Error on App

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I sent my application in june and took my GRE in July. I have gotten two interviews so far. However my big concern is an error i made in the "other work experience" section of my application.


In my personal statement I talk about how I grew from adversity when i had to work fulltime in 2009 while being a fulltime student.


I worked at a restaurant and a tanning salon. However for the restaurant I put Jan 2008-Dec 2008 fulltime with 1000 hrs accrued when it should have been feb 2009 - dec 2009 with 400 hrs because I worked that job while working at the tanning salon. ( both jobs being part time, but together were full time hrs 40+)


I think I glanced at it quickly when I went back over it after finalizing my app and saw that I put full time and quicky inputted the hrs going by the rule "6 months full time is 1000 hrs". I was rushing to get it out as early as possible and did not put much emphasis on the other work experience section of my app. After looking back over my app the other day I stumbled on the mistake I made.


Im worried that other programs might not send me interviews if they read my personal statement then go over my other work experience and see it as an inconsistency.


Should I contact programs who i havent recieved interviews from? Because it contradicts my personal statement.

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Any insights?


Personally, I don't think it is a huge deal and is something you could clear up in an interview. However, you are really worried, I would just e-mail the programs you applied to and explain.


It's an honest mistake...not like you lied on HCE or anything like that. Best of luck!!

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