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  1. I work in an ortho practice with no radiology read. I ask my SP if I have any concerns.
  2. I am in the camp of 99% of the time hugging when the patient initiates. However, there are a few patients I am close with that I feel ok initiating a hug. I will often put my hand on patient's shoulder, though. I have 3 patients who are sisters and they come in all the time. They always say I love you when they leave, and I never really know how to respond to that...
  3. I'm happy every day I go to work and yes, compensated fairly. I am in a really unique situation where I do no rounding and take no call. He has a NP who works for the hospital does his discharging, and my ortho spine SP takes no call himself. The neurosurgeons at the hospital do, though...
  4. I know you weren't asking me, but I will put my 2 cents in... I work in ortho spine surgery and do a lot. I do the usual OR duties- check in the patient, mark the surgery site, do orders, position/drape, retract, etc. I also do the instrumentation during minimally invasive spinal fusion - including exposure, placing pedicle screws/rods, closing the fascial and superficial layer, etc. I love it, but it is very surgeon dependent.
  5. Sadly, LA is even more affordable COL than SF bay area.
  6. Coming from someone who lives in the bay area, I wouldn't entertain any offer under at LEAST $120k, especially considering the schedule.
  7. I am not a hospital employee, and I think this helps me get away with a lot more on OR days than when I used to be a hospital employee. One of the hospitals my SP and I do cases at are strict regarding wearing the dumb scrub jackets at all times rule, which makes absolutely zero sense to me. Honestly, I'm a woman and haven't paid much attention to the facial hair issue, but most techs I come across just happen to be clean shaven and I've only seen other female PAs. It's so ridiculous.
  8. Our office has pods. I share a pod with my SP and our 2 MAs, but have my own computer and space.
  9. I really thought Kaplan was probably the closest to the actual PANCE.
  10. Holy crap that is bad. Plus the hours and call? Sounds like a recipe for burnout...
  11. There are other docs in the office (or at least available by phone) to go to for questions. So I assume that is ok? Mainly asking regarding a situation like seeing a surgeon's patient post operatively that is out of country.
  12. Are there any laws regulating seeing patients when your supervising physician is out of the country? Or is it ok as long as they are available by electronic communication?
  13. I always made it through rotations with an assortment of flats. Honestly for the price I like the DexFlex flats from Payless.
  14. They have a huge problem retaining PAs, and tend to really only hire new grads. For some reason, no other PA has brought this up as an issue!! I have tried to discuss the issue with no avail - always brushed off. Supposedly this will be over next month. Wanted to make sure I gave everyone an update. They have to discharge them out of the unit in the AM, so they have rooms available for the patients having surgery that day - plus I'm in their clinic all afternoon with my last patient at 4:40.
  15. I did find out that clinic time is supposed to start at 10 am. So, I've been getting an extra hour to round - which helps. But I've been finding that I am rounding on upwards of 12 patients some days, and still arriving an hour late to clinic. I looked into this. So my contract states the office I work at but slyly throws in that I may be needed at other clinics within the organization. As a salaried employee, they will not budge on this.
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