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Problem with application PDF format

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I spoke with a lady in the PA office and she said that the essay needs to fit in the space provided. I explained that it cuts off at 250 words and it would be under the minimum length. She said that they tried to figure it out but were unable to. She reiterated that I need to answer the question and have it fit in the box.

Question 1- Would it be better to break their font size rule or essay length rule? In the information session they were very clear that if you didn’t follow the instructions exactly that your application would be tossed in the trash. They said that if you were unable to follow simple instructions then you are not cut out for PA school.

Question 2- How is a program qualified to train PAs when they are incapable of even formatting a PDF file? FRUSTRATING! It was hard enough answering those questions in under 500 words.


Anyone else having these issues? Please help!

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