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2013 Applicants

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I received an interview for the 28th. I am not sure if they will have more dates of interviews, as of now it is the 25 and 28th. I turned in CASPA around the second week of June. 


I will also be interviewing on the 28th! I am coming from PA, and fly in Sunday. I submitted my CASPA mid-July and got the invite Sep 20th.


As far as my stats:

cumGPA- 3.6

scienceGPA- 3.7


GRE- 309 combined


HCE- over 1000 hours as a nurse aide at a hospital (PCU floor), 5 years as an office assistant in a pediatrics office, over 100 hours various volunteer work


Shadowing- over 100 hours shadowing a family PA, derm PA, and oncology PA


Other- mission trip to Ukraine in 2011, medical mission trip to Honduras in March this year


Good luck to everyone!

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 I've been waiting anxiously this afternoon. If anyone hears back let me know! Good luck to everyone!


Ohh and I never reported my stats... like Omangeac asked,




GRE- 305


Direct Patient Care: 1500 hours in a Rehab and Nursing Home as a CNA

Shadowing- 60 hours Surgery PA, and other times with Radiology, Psych, and Family Practice PA's.

Volunteering: Site Leader and Participant for 3 Alternative Breaks, Medical Mission Trip to Peru, Dominican Republic.  Other Random Local Volunteering Opportunities.


Other: Spanish Minor, Study Abroad, President of Pre-PA Club at my University, Philanthropy Chair of Sorority

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CONGRATS, educky92, I hope that I can be in the program with you but we will see!


Here are my stats by the way Omangeac...sorry I haven't posted them.




GRE- 303


Direct Patient Care: ~3000 hours in a variety of jobs: ICU Tech, EMT, HHA, etc.

Shadowing- 130 hours all between PA's, DO's, MD's and as an EMT.

Volunteering: 1 month mission intern in the Dominican Republic, 1 week in Haiti/DR, Youth leader at my church, and other miscilaneous volunter opportunities


Other: Dean's List throughout my BS so far, Major in Health Sciences (finish this spring)

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Good luck to all of those with interviews! The process was very laid back, they mostly want to get to know you.  There was also an ethical test,  which didn't affect your interview in anyway. Just a survey/quiz.  I was asked a few situational questions, and talked a lot about my volunteering experiences.

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