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  1. Thanks for the update! Congratulations to those who received acceptance and interview slots! Here's to hoping the rest of us will hear good news soon!
  2. I know that there hasn't been much posted lately but I was wondering if there is anyone who knows how many spots are left for this Fall's class? It has been radio silence on my end and I have sent a couple of updates but have not heard from the program. I am sure they are busy with the large amount of applications that they get but it is hard waiting not knowing interview dates or how many spots remain...
  3. Just wanted to let you know (if anyone checks this board) that I received my rejection email today. Best of luck to the remaining applicants! Also I just re-read the email and it said they had chosen their matriculating class so I am assuming that means that they are done interviewing. If you don't hear by this week you may check to verify!
  4. Congratulations to all those accepted! I was wondering if anyone knows how long those who received acceptances have to accept or decline the offer? Also, I know a similar question has been asked before but is there any way to know how many people are on the wait list? Does anyone know typically how many are pulled from the wait list? I wanted to know what information I could find out here before sending an email to Michael. Thanks for any help!
  5. According to the website they do interviews through May so I suppose it could be anytime until then! Just hard not knowing when they do interviews...
  6. I just received an email this morning saying I was on the wait list! Not sure how many people are on the wait list or how many spots have been filled but I am hopeful that I will become a part of the class! Congratulations to those who received an acceptance and best of luck to those still waiting!
  7. I know it has been quite a while since anything was posted on this forum but has does anyone know the status of the interviews or any dates in the future? It's pretty much been radio silence since I submitted my application in July until I emailed them with transcript updates and another letter of reference.
  8. Thanks for letting me know!! I figured that would be the case. Just a little disappointing that they wouldn't send an email saying they're no longer considering your application. Best of luck on acceptance!! :)
  9. Congratulations to everyone who has been accepted and good luck to those interviewing! I was wondering if anyone knows when the final interview is for Trevecca? I have had no communication from the school since they received my application in July. At this point, I am not thinking I would be receiving an interview invite but I wanted to know if there are any chances left since I haven't heard. Thanks!
  10. I received an email on dec 10th again stating that they had all of my documents and had begun interviews. It said they would let you know at least 2 weeks prior to an interview if you were invited. I would think that if you have not heard that they aren't considering your application anymore that you may still be invited. Hold out hope because interviews will continue for the next few months! :)
  11. I was on the waitlist for an interview and got an invite today! I will be interviewing on January 8th! I am really excited and looking forward to meeting all the other people interviewing on that date
  12. Congratulations on your interview invitation! When did you apply if you don't mind answering?
  13. Just got an email this evening saying that indeed all interview slots are currently filled but I am on the interview wait list! If someone decides to forego their interview then I may have an opportunity. Just wanted to give everyone who hadn't heard about an interview some hope! =)
  14. I applied late July and submitted my supplemental early August. I have not heard anything as of yet either.
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