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EM CAQ Board review

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well, I guess it's official that the em caq has caught on now that private companies are offering a board review course for it. (SEMPA already has a workshop for it at their annual conference).

I got a postcard today from rosh review which is a company that does em md board review. it says " guaranteed to pass the em caq or your money back".

I don't know anything specifically about this organization but their web site looks solid.



$79 for 1 month. discount code = BELIEVEIT1

$119 for 3 months. " " = BELIEVEIT2

$159 for 1 year. " " = BELIEVEIT3


I've already taken and passed the em caq but this looks like a nice option for those who feel they need more study resources for the test.

I am not connected to this company in any way and am not getting any $ for posting this or for those who sign up..

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I got the same postcard in the mail. I happened to of registered for the CAQ a couple days before. I was thinking NCCPA sold my info upon clicking the submit button for registration....I guess that is not the case.


I've read your posts that you took it cold turkey....I've been in ED for 6 years now. Your scope is a bit broader then mine, based on what you post, but I see everything except major traumas and arrests. Would you suggest something like this or think that 6 years should either get me through the test or show me that I am clueless and shouldn't be in EM?

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