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Possible misdemeanor!

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My application was verified and mailed June 14th. I checked no for conviction of misdemeanors because to my knowledge I had none. I was so strung up on my speeding ticket in 2008 I called my attorney who notified me it was not a misdemeanor and I was okay to check no.


however, I completely forgot about my public intoxication charge I got the beginning of my freshman year 2006. I was given a citation, not arrested, went to see the magistrate the next day and pleaded no contest so I would not be found guilty of the charge. It was a 75 dollar fine and I told her by doing this it would not hurt my graduation school chances she said no its a slap on the wrist just go pay the fine.


however it popped in my head the other day that I forgot all about it when checking no to misdemeanors, i looked up that it is a misdemeanor under state code, but not As a first offense under city code. I have to call tomorrow and see if I was convicted of a misdemeanor.


what should I do if I do have a misdemeanor? Should I tell them in the interview that I was unaware? And was not lying when reporting past crimes in my application?

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If you paid a fine then you were convicted of a misdemeanor.


Could be a problem for school and an even bigger problem for a license depending on the charge and the state you live in.


The medical powers that be take a dim view of alcohol/drug related offenses.


However...given the time (7years) and relatively minor offense then most likely won't be a problem.


Personally, I would go to the interview if invited, and during the interview, bring it up in the interest of full disclosure, with a copy of the charge and the resolution, and a well written letter for them to keep in your file, tell them you forgot to include it but wanted to disclose.


It makes you look very honest with nothing to hide, a man who admits his mistakes is honorable indeed.


Be prepared to fully explain not only the offense but any possible issues with drugs or alcohol.


Same with the license board.


A friend of mine finished nursing school with a recent (3 years) prior DUI and was prevented from taking the boards.


Good luck

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Okay so update:


I called the magistrate court to get what the outcome was.


The clerk said it wasnt public intoxication, it was underage consumption. She said it was just a ticket, not a misdemeanor. However she later said "it never became a misdemeanor, because you paid the ticket" (did not understand that sentence). Maybe she's implying if it was a second offense it would of became a misdemeanor. Everytime I asked is it considered a misdemeanor because the application have filled out asks if I was convicted of a misdemeanor. She replied no.


I have my lawyer buddy looking into to it and he'll let me know what the exact classification of the statute is. He says is a lesser charge compared to public intoxication and I should be fine. But we will see.


Also I can have the ticket expunged now that it has been so long, under WV law.


Thanks for the input guys, i will keep you up to date. I will probably do what bgdog says to cover my bases.

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Before doing what bgdog says ask a lawyer. You have to answer the question, not your interpretation of the question or bgdog’s interpretation of the question. If the question just says “misdemeanor or felony”, your answer is no. If the question says “any offenses including misdemeanors or felonies”, your answer is yes. If the lawyer cannot give you clarification of what precisely the offense was, you may have to admit it. But if you have a legal opinion that your answer to the question is rightfully “no”, so be it.

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