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likelihood of getting in? stats attached

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So I am applying to PA school this cycle. For those who have been accepted or are already PAs. What are my realistic chances? I only intend on applying to Emory. Below are my stats:


-2006: Graduated from a state university (overall GPA: 3.26; Science: 3.2)

-2006-2007: volunteered extensively with local healthcare organizations and decided to apply to MPH programs

-2010: Graduated from an MPH program (overall GPA: 3.63)-presented my thesis at three different conferences and served as a research project coordinator for a behavioral study during graduate program

-2010-2011: Worked full-time as a research project coordinator for two NIH-funded clinical trials on hypertension at a huge urban hospital

-2011-now: Work in capacity building in infectious diseases--no patient contact


GRE taken in 2008: 540V; 670Q; 4.0A


I still have to take organic chem 1 to fulfill minimum science requirements for Emory. And I have no PA shadowing experience, however I am cold-emailing PAs in the area.

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Overall, I think you have a solid application pending a strong personal narrative and a few good LORs. I would advise applying to more than one school if being a PA is really what you want out of this life, though. Every year, nearly every program in the country is seeing an increase in applications.

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