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  1. I am a recent Emory grad and can confirm that the quality of Emory's education is outstanding. Our didactic year lecturers were medical school faculty and Emory physicians or Emory trained PAs. The clinical rotation sites are great and there are a lot of options, both in location and rotation types/settings. There is a close collaboration with both the medical school and public health school. Interviewing and finding my ideal first job was easy for me and a lot of my classmates secured jobs from previous rotation sites before graduation. That being said, I agree with the above posters about not letting accreditation, name recognition, or ranking drive your decision--really think about the important factors, like PANCE rates, rotation sites, rotation requirements, cost of living, etc. If possible, can you chat candidly with a current NOVA student about their thoughts? Also, once your working, if your site qualifies, look into the NHSC loan repayment program or the public service loan forgiveness program. If you have any other specific questions, don't hesitate to PM me. Good luck!
  2. My go to resources were: -the Turkey Book: great prep guide before specific rotations; I usually reviewed the rotation specialty the weekend before starting a new rotation. http://www.uwmedicine.org/education/md-program/current-students/student-affairs/groups/alpha-omega-alpha/turkey-book -PDF of high yield shelf notes: loved this resource, especially for my surgery, psych, and peds rotations; I used this to supplement my own study materials https://wiki.ucfilespace.uc.edu/sandbox/groups/uccom2014/wiki/09ab4/attachments/f6353/Shelf_notes.pdf?sessionID=528f45f709ff2452d3d56fd86fcbb42cc6fe8c7d -PANCE prep pearls and the USMLE Step 2 CK book: during clinical year, I personally reached for the USMLE book more, but relied on PANCE prep pearls for studying for end of rotation tests -other High yield PDFs (internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery): good for quick review, buzzwords, and recognizing common associations http://som.uthscsa.edu/StudentAffairs/documents/HighYieldInternalMedicinecompatibleversion.pdf http://som.uthscsa.edu/StudentAffairs/documents/Pediatrics.pdf http://som.uthscsa.edu/StudentAffairs/documents/High_Yield_Surgery_Compatible_Version.pdf -Question banks: my school gave us access to ExamMaster, so I would try to quiz myself as much as possible
  3. Hello everyone! I have the LATEST Emory PANCE/PANRE board review course for sale--this version is completely cloud-based, so you can have instant access. Course materials include: -Downloadable video and audio lectures -PDFs of all lecture slides -PDF of high yield PANCE pearls Asking price: $215 (list price is $390). I also have the hard copy book of all lecture slides and pearls-I did underline and jot brief notes in the ortho and derm sections only; but the rest of the book is untouched. List price is $50 Asking price for both board review + hard copy book: $230. I spent about two weeks watching/listening to board review lectures, reviewing the slides, and answering questions from both the Lange Q&A book and the Comprehensive Review book. I felt well prepared and was very happy with my PANCE scores.
  4. If your still looking for a smoke color, I received two steths as a gift and I have not used the smoke colored master steth. I'm willing to sell for $180!
  5. I'm a new grad who's been offered two ID/HIV clinic positions and was going to interview with an in-patient ID transplant consult team but decided otherwise. So like AllisonPAC said, there are ID PAs and there are still jobs out there...
  6. Hi could you send the PDF file? I've inboxed you my email. Thanks
  7. skyblue3

    GRE scores

    I also submitted my CASPA before sending scores, so you have to individually send the scores to each school. The GRE codes should be on the schools website. CASPA will not accept anything after submission.
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