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  1. I am a recent Emory grad and can confirm that the quality of Emory's education is outstanding. Our didactic year lecturers were medical school faculty and Emory physicians or Emory trained PAs. The clinical rotation sites are great and there are a lot of options, both in location and rotation types/settings. There is a close collaboration with both the medical school and public health school. Interviewing and finding my ideal first job was easy for me and a lot of my classmates secured jobs from previous rotation sites before graduation. That being said, I agree with the above posters about no
  2. My go to resources were: -the Turkey Book: great prep guide before specific rotations; I usually reviewed the rotation specialty the weekend before starting a new rotation. http://www.uwmedicine.org/education/md-program/current-students/student-affairs/groups/alpha-omega-alpha/turkey-book -PDF of high yield shelf notes: loved this resource, especially for my surgery, psych, and peds rotations; I used this to supplement my own study materials https://wiki.ucfilespace.uc.edu/sandbox/groups/uccom2014/wiki/09ab4/attachments/f6353/Shelf_notes.pdf?sessionID=528f45f709ff2452d3d56fd86fcbb42c
  3. Hello everyone! I have the LATEST Emory PANCE/PANRE board review course for sale--this version is completely cloud-based, so you can have instant access. Course materials include: -Downloadable video and audio lectures -PDFs of all lecture slides -PDF of high yield PANCE pearls Asking price: $215 (list price is $390). I also have the hard copy book of all lecture slides and pearls-I did underline and jot brief notes in the ortho and derm sections only; but the rest of the book is untouched. List price is $50 Asking price for both board review + hard copy book: $230. I spent about
  4. If your still looking for a smoke color, I received two steths as a gift and I have not used the smoke colored master steth. I'm willing to sell for $180!
  5. I'm a new grad who's been offered two ID/HIV clinic positions and was going to interview with an in-patient ID transplant consult team but decided otherwise. So like AllisonPAC said, there are ID PAs and there are still jobs out there...
  6. Hi could you send the PDF file? I've inboxed you my email. Thanks
  7. skyblue3

    NHSC 2014

    Got my rejection email today. Oh well congrats to all those who made it :)
  8. skyblue3

    NHSC 2014

    Also still under review. Saw on the dental SDN forums that a few of them also received finalist emails too.
  9. skyblue3

    NHSC 2014

    Any new credit checks? I checked quizzle and credit karma..nothing on my end :(
  10. That's awesome..congrats..hope I hear something soon
  11. skyblue3

    NHSC 2014

    I read on the sdn forums that everyone who applied gets credit checks, but id feel better having one on my credit report too
  12. skyblue3

    NHSC 2014

    does anyone know if they inquire to all credit bureaus? I checked experian via annualcreditreport.com last week and didn't see anything on there either :/
  13. I did as well..I hope the decision period is short
  14. Has anyone applied for the Tylenol future cares scholarship--either past or present? http://www.tylenol.com/news/scholarship
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