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2nd Year PA Student - Struggling with Grades

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I am a 2nd yr student. I am struggling a bit with my classes. I was accepted into a 5 year BS/MS program and received the presidential scholarship. I have always done very well in high school and excelled in science and math courses. In PA school, I started out with a very heavy course load and did not do as well as I wanted to first year. I ended up with a 2.9 GPA. I have have gotten approval to add another year to my training so instead of 5 yrs, I will be done in 6. If I maintain a science GPA of 3.0, I will not have to reapply to be in the PA program. The problem is that I have already retaken 2 science classes and may have to retake a 3rd. They only allow 3 retakes for the entire program. If I don't improve, I will be forced to drop out of the program and graduate with a bachelor's in Health Sciences and reapply for a Masters in PA. I am not sure if all PA schools are like this. After reading some of the posts here, I am very discouraged and upset. My dream is to become a PA and I don't want to give up, but I am beginning to feel that maybe I'm not smart enough. Many others have already dropped out of the program, so I know I'm not alone. My questions are: 1) If I end up having to reapply, how likely am I to get in somewhere unless my GPA improves. 2) How many others out there have had similar experiences and have had to go this route. 3) I want to stay in the medical field. What are some other options with a Bachelor's in Health Sciences? I would definitely go for a masters in something. I also am minoring in Psychology. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!:sweat:

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Just thought Id copy/paste:


Get a tutor....this is the best advice I could possibly give while youre still in. I have found tutors to be very helpful and Im not talking free group tutors, Im talking one on one.


1. how likely you are to get in depends on how high you get your GPA and what type/how much hce you have when you reapply

2. never been there

3. MPH, Healthcare administration, BSN for those with a BS already (takes about a year--kinda competitive)


Oh another piece of advice while youre still in, cut out or minimize things that may be affecting your studying. Some times we are not honest with ourselves and keep telling ourselves that we are doing everything we need to do and studying as much as we can when we really arent. If this is you (no need to admit it here) recognize it and fix it. Its really easy to hit a wall, slump into depression when we arent doing well...

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