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This is the online class that I took through Fullerton College. Western U did accept it for credit, and it was certainly less than $1300.


BIOL 109 F 3 Units

Genetics and Biotech in Society

Transfer: CSU, UC Credit Limitation

This course covers the basic concepts and experiments of heredity. Discussions

include current advances in biotechnology such as cloning, recombinant DNA

technology, DNA profiling, gene therapy and assisted reproductive technologies.

20562 OL1 ONLINE 2/4-5/31 Wu, Jo Wen

ONLINE CLASS: This is conducted entirely ONLINE on Blackboard, but

requires one proctored exam. Students must log onto this course by the

SECOND DAY or may be dropped from the course. For course specific requirements, visit instructor’s website at http://staffwww.fullcoll.edu/jwu/109. For

general information, answers to FAQs and more, go to http://online.fullcoll.edu.

Last day to add: Feb 27; Last day to drop without “W”: Feb 27;

Last day to drop with “W”: May 4; Last day to drop for refund: Feb 14.

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The issue is, as with most classes, will you be able to get in? Some great suggestions trying to get in at some of the JCs in So Cal. I knwo FJC, Citris and all the other JCs out here are over saturated with students trying to take classes especially with the lack of funding our colleges and universities are getting from the state. If you can't get in, the UOP class is accepted at Western U and classes are always available. Not sure what your time frame is for application but if your back is against the wall you have an option.


As for online classes, in general some schools accept it, some don't. Most schools dont accept online classes if there is a lab requirement. In this case there isn't a lab requirement for Genetics at Western and the class I mentioned was approved by them. Additionally I believe western is the only school in CA, NV and AZ that requires this class. So not sure where you are applying but you'll be ok of youre looking to stay close to So Cal.



Zirom where did you take Genetics at?

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I took Genetics through UC Berkeley Extension. I believe it was around $800. The nice thing was it was open enrollment, so you could enroll at any time and had 6 months to finish the class. So you could speed through the class if you needed to have it done by a certain date or take the full 6 months.


The material wasn't presented in the best fashion but I do remember the professor being a fairly easy grader on the tests

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Guys, thank you SO MUCH for the advice! You've given me a great place to start...my back isn't against the wall yet, I was just doing some pre-planning for future semesters, as it looks like I will not be applying to Western until the following year (2014 for 2015 admission). I really appreciate the advice!

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