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How to Northwestern and Midwestern compare?

Which is better?  

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  1. 1. Which is better?

    • Northwestern's program
    • Midwestern's program

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Hello all!

I have been fortunate enough to be accepted into both Midwestern's and Northwestern's PA programs, but I am unsure how these schools' reputations compare among healthcare professionals. Both seem like great programs, but as Northwestern's is so new I wonder if it would be more advantageous for my career later to go to Midwestern. Then again, perhaps Northwestern will end up being phenomenal and this will be recognized among PA's and doctors.

Does anybody have any advice?


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Hey Rachelle,


First off, congratulations on your acceptances. You know if you want to give up your spot to Northwestern, I'll take it. :) Haha! But in all seriousness, schools are granted accreditation for a reason. Although Midwestern has been established for a longer period of time, that doesn't mean that Northwestern is any less respected just because it hasn't been around as long. I was always surprised that they didn't have a PA program given the reputation of their medical school.


I would choose a school based on how you learn most effectively. Once a school admits you, they don't want you to fail...that looks bad for them to have a high attrition rate. They didn't admit you to watch you fail. Midwestern seems to have a more traditional, lecture-based program...from what I know of it. Any PA program has to have case studies within their curriculum in some way, though, or it's more difficult to learn how to effectively treat patients. I personally loved Northwestern's curriculum because I think it more closely resembles patient care and I think it would be an excellent opportunity to enhance my self-directed learning skills as they will be necessary following school. I also really liked the faculty at Northwestern as they seemed to build a quick rapport with the students. Obviously, you know my vote...but it's really up to you.


I would base it less off of reputation and more off of where you feel like you are most comfortable because these will be likely the most difficult two years of your life. Besides, both schools have great reputations and their students can pass the exam. I don't think you can make a wrong choice here. Best of luck to you!



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I got into both schools as well and chose Northwestern. For me it was the PBL curriculum, chances for more elective rotations, smaller class size, and being in the heart of the city didn't hurt in my decision either. I've lived in Chicago for 5 years now and that thought of leaving wasn't too appealing. I also knew a few students in a previous class who absolutely couldn't say enough about their NU experience.


Best of luck in your decision!



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