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  1. I got into both schools as well and chose Northwestern. For me it was the PBL curriculum, chances for more elective rotations, smaller class size, and being in the heart of the city didn't hurt in my decision either. I've lived in Chicago for 5 years now and that thought of leaving wasn't too appealing. I also knew a few students in a previous class who absolutely couldn't say enough about their NU experience. Best of luck in your decision! Megan
  2. I was accepted last week on the 27th! Had some tough decisions to make but officially sent in my deposit!! I interviewed in mid-September so there is hope!! I waited about 6 weeks before I heard! Good luck everyone!
  3. I don't mind sharing my stats: sGPA: 3.96 cum GPA: 3.96 GRE: 314 Patient Care Experience Hours: ~ 1900 hours as a Physical Therapy Aide; shadowed 2 different Ortho PAs for about 60 hours total. Extracurriculars include: tutoring, health education volunteer, PT/OT volunteer at local hospital; Relay For Life Graduated in 2012 from DePaul University with my BS in Biological Sciences Interviewed September 21st! Accepted! Wahoo! Good luck everyone!
  4. It depends on your hours. I'm currently a PT aide at a outpatient sports rehab clinic. I've worked long enough to gain patient interaction skills with patients and have many different experiences to draw from in my interviews! I've been accepted at 3 schools so far! It's definitely not weak! I wish I had more medical experience in a hospital so find it if you can, but I definitely feel you can learn either way!
  5. I was initially going to Pitt but I gave up my spot since I got into a school closer to my family! Good luck guys!
  6. I'll be interviewing on the 19th! Best of luck everyone!
  7. I think they did acceptances from the 14th and the 21st. I interviewed last Friday and got the acceptance email too!! Wahoo! Best of luck everyone!
  8. Got my invitation to interview on October 12th!! I'm super excited for it! Congrats @piperbrad for your acceptance! Do you know how many people they accept for the program overall??
  9. Excited to be interviewing at Rush on October 26th!! Has anyone else heard back yet?
  10. Gracie, if you don't mind me asking when did you send your application? I think I submitted my CASPA 7/19 but I'm still waiting to hear from PhilaU. I'm curious to see what their timeline is! Thanks and congrats to those who are interviewing!
  11. I am! Interviewing on September 17th! I can't wait! So excited!
  12. Yeah no problem! Submitted July 19th and it mailed August 3rd.
  13. Hey everyone! I was offered an interview for September 15th at the University of St. Francis! Anyone else on that date?
  14. I just got notification for an interview today! I'm scheduled for September 21th! Good Luck everyone!
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