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Do you use all of your CME allowance?

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Hello everyone,


I am a new grad and have been offered a position in urgent care. Their current offer for CME is $1500 and NO separate CME time. I will have to use my accrued time. The other position I am considering is with a hospitalist group who is offering 1 week CME and $2000 with another $2600 for tuition reimbursement. I like the urgent care position, so my question is, is it worth trying to negotiate more CME allowance?


How much of yours do you use?


I was considering negotiating for more CME allowance, but I'm not trying to be greedy. Is $1500 reasonable and enough?



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a single conference/yr can easily cost 2000 dollars once you include airfare, hotel, rental car, etc not including all the other courses you need to keep current like acls/atls/pals, etc

if you stay local 1500 is doable. don't take a job you dislike just to get more cme.

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