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when to start job search before graduation thread...

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Hello there!


I'm looking for a thread I read on here a long time ago that gave really good info on when and how to start looking for a job while you're on your clinical rotation. I'm in my clinical year now and would like to read that post again but I can't seem to find it. If anyone has any idea I'd really appreciate it!



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I started about 2 months before graduation. I actually ended up turning down 2 jobs I was offered and accepted a 3rd.


The timeline was ridiculous however:

First interview was late August (after about 2-3 weeks of e-mails)

Finally heard from physician in mid-September that they were offering me the position. Was then told I had to meet interview with HR as well. HR did background check and finally told me I was cleared from their end and "officially" offered me the position in early October.

I am now waiting for my license (it's been almost 2 months), and once that comes back I need to wait to be credentialed with the hospital which takes another 2 months.


My advice would be start applying 3 months out. You might not get interviews for those positions, but it doesn't hurt to apply. Also, things may fall through with another applicant and they may turn to your application.


I also would say to apply for your license ASAP! Our school told us it was wiser to wait until you had a job offer to apply for your license, so you could send in your written agreement at the same time. In my case this prolonged the process about a month.

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I agree with mkrumm, I found an opportunity being advertised (one that I found very appealing) about 7 months prior to anticipated graduation and applied for it. The screening with HR/recruiters, telephone calls with chief of department, traveling out of state for interview, second visit for a day of job shadowing and for family to see the area, and then me accepting the position all took approximately 4 months. The recruiter told me those exact words during my initial contact with them, "although you're not graduating until December, the department has told us they would be willing to wait for the right candidate."

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