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Employer not honoring contract

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Hey guys,

I recently signed a contract with a company as a new grad. About a week later they informed me that they would not be willing to proceed with hiring me due to technicalities in state licensing that they were unaware of (even though I asked them multiple times if they had this covered and it would be squared away). The technicality had to do with not having an adequate supervising physician on staff. My question is, can they even legally break this contract after we both signed it detailing job description, pay, expectations, etc? I just dropped a ton of money of licensing expenses, a new home, etc. What should I do? 

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What do you want them to do to make you whole?

I had one position fall through a few years back, and I documented everything I'd spent preparing for the move, which was in the low four figures, and sent it to the HR rep. They paid it. No lawyers involved.

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