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First Time Applying To PA School!! HELP PLZ!!

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This is my first time applying to PA school and I'm kind of nervous. I am not 100% sure if I'm doing everything correctly but wanted to see if anyone can give me some tips that have been through this already or are going through the same thing as I am. 

How did you manage your anxiety level throughout the application process? I'm waiting on a few prereqs that I'm taking in summer one and plan on applying in late June. Is that too late to apply?

CASPA opens on 4/25/24. Now I had my letter of Rec already done before this date, will my letters of rec disappear and be invalid or will I still be able to use them going forward in the process?

Any tips?


Thank You in advance.

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Take a breath!

1. You can apply before taking all of your prereqs, showing which ones you have yet to complete and when. On the other hand, each individual school may have its own rules as to when these courses have to be completed; when I applied, they had to be completed before the first day of PA school. Other schools can be different.

2. CASPA opens 4/25 but there is nothing I know of that says the recommendations can't already be done. After all, they would have to be before the 25th if that is when you are going to apply.

This is a anxious time of your life. It will be fine!

Good luck!

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