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QU vs Stony Brook

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Hey guys. Just having a devil of a time between two contender schools. I recently interviewed at Stony Brook University in NY and was accepted. I also just interviewed at quinnipiac and it has been my first choice school for a while now. Both are damned good programs. I haven't been accepted to QU yet but if I am there's a tough choice to make.


Both schools give full masters degrees. QU does a comlex while SB does a thesis/capstone project. Both have full cadaver labs and simman dolls. SB offers a lot of rotations in NYC while QU has theirs spread over CT and a few other places. Both offer electives with some student leeway in location. Both have a strong commitment to community outreach. SB has a slightly smaller class size and is 20k cheaper. SB is a state school and has an associated med school already established. QU is private and us building their med school to open very soon


In the interviews, both sets of faculty were warm and welcoming. QU has more of an impressive and prestigious atmosphere while SB is a little more relaxed. Quinn's interview process is a little more rigorous but SB is more selective. Any other factors to look over? What was your deciding factor for QU?

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