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Side gig attempt - PA owned episodic care consults w/ home health agencies

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Long story short, my full-time 3x12s job recently turned into 2x12s, 1x9 and now I'm short some hours. Looked into PRN and casuals and I'm just not feeling it, I'd rather do something for myself.

My wife is in home health (RN). Several of the agencies she works with refer out episodic care consults (mobile and tele) to a single PA and a single NP who are covering a very large region and have more than they can handle schedule wise. I have an obvious in to pick up some extra side work on my 4 days off. My SP at my fulltime is 100% down with it and he and I have worked together for 5 years, basically gave me the go ahead without any $trings.

I figure this will be a pretty easy gig in terms of super low overhead being that there's no physical practice unless you count my truck.

My question is - has anyone out there run something similar? If so, how would you go about keeping everything minimal? Should I just credential with medicare and not bother with the privates considering the population? I'm aware I have a lot of research to do in terms of how to get this up and running (well, how to get any business up and running), but I figure I can manage it and at the very least get some gas money and a few tax deductions.

I know the obvious answer might be to reach out to the PA/NP, but I don't want them to think I'm stealing their turf. I just want to ride their coattails a bit for the time being and pick up the scraps.

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Since you have the desire and an SP, why not expokre a little in a similar role as your wife then branch off to independent practice. I just went through signify training and thinking about doing this as a way for somr extra $$.


I spoke to a company recently and thought it would b a great way to get some extra $$… I will need an SP( which I don't have) and now trying to figure out how to even go about this. I see FB POST ON Collaborating Physician but def unchratered waters for me hiring an SP.

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