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  1. Which state are you in getting those nutty offers as a first year? I'm currently eating dirt as a new grad 3 months in working 20hr/week unpaid OT for about 30k less and zero benefits... thinking about moving.
  2. I had a friend who worked prisons and mentioned lightweight knife-proof chainmail. That might go nicely under scrubs and score some medieval style points.
  3. Believe me, new grads get the message and hear the song. Hopefully we can jump into the fray in a few years. My current state organization is years out of date, half the links on the website don't work the others point to old conferences, and all the job postings are from 2 states over so the motivation is there.
  4. New grad here, end of March. All the options I had got pulled, made a thread about it a while back. I ended up with a primary care offer last week that I'm going to take for now, started off saying they wanted me $40/hr but ended up with full time 75k/year, no benefits other than malpractice, but hopefully renegotiate when this is all over. I did convince them to let me do 4 9's a week so I can keep my options open. No experience (or less than a year) seems to close all locums/temp doors, and from what I've seen in DC/MD/VA the places that are open to hiring PAs are either surgical or view us as cheaper labor than NPs.
  5. And how did the communist censorship regime contain the spread so fast and so well you might ask?
  6. Any ideas of what we can do / who we can bother about this? My state doesn't even have a temporary license option (MD).
  7. You aren't missing a thing, we're graduating now into all the Pearson centers all being closed for the foreseeable future so we can't take the PANCE. They pushed everyone over a month out and it's likely just the beginning from what I hear.
  8. I'm looking at Hoka's now, and they all look... eccentric (mens). Which ones can you pull off at work?
  9. That is EXACTLY the impression that I got, and exactly why I think the ridiculous 'extra letter' was added to the popular one I have seen thrown about before the survey. In my eyes it totally destroys it, and it seems like they are railroading a particular one (or none) instead of actually asking for any feedback or opinions from the member base.
  10. Honestly he seemed more like an angry PA in disguise trying to stir up the pot than an NP
  11. I know this specific forum is pretty dead, but not sure where else to put this. Can any PA's who have worked in MD shine some light on this? Level of independence / scope / NP competition / regs are things I have not heard great stuff about, but maybe depends on specialty from what I have heard?
  12. Netters is great. I spent $ on the atlas and it was 10x more useful than the books / PPs we got in school. Great advice above, my only addition is eat healthy, sleep a lot, and get in shape the best you can before school, because once you start drinking from the fire hose you'll be surprised how often you forget to eat / sleep or binge on the fastest thing you can find around.
  13. tactile hallucination? Liver issue? Drug or w/d?
  14. The topics/work/time commitments never get any easier - you get better and more efficient. Never listen to "this won't be on the exam" - half the time it will anyway, and even if not it will be on EoR's/PANCE. I ALWAYS studied for the PANCE on every exam, it's worth it to build up your knowledge, and any extra tidbits you might get tested on from specific examples in the book or PP's are never enough to really hurt your grade so it's worth it to just stay focused on that and not get bogged down; use the resources/formats that you best connect with to study (I recommend PPP/AMBOSS/onlinemeded)
  15. Sorry for jumping on and off, this thread happened to be during EOR season. Point of care US is actually something I'm really interested in. Can I get CME for taking classes for that? We got a few days worth in school but not nearly enough
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