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  1. Honestly he seemed more like an angry PA in disguise trying to stir up the pot than an NP
  2. I know this specific forum is pretty dead, but not sure where else to put this. Can any PA's who have worked in MD shine some light on this? Level of independence / scope / NP competition / regs are things I have not heard great stuff about, but maybe depends on specialty from what I have heard?
  3. Netters is great. I spent $ on the atlas and it was 10x more useful than the books / PPs we got in school. Great advice above, my only addition is eat healthy, sleep a lot, and get in shape the best you can before school, because once you start drinking from the fire hose you'll be surprised how often you forget to eat / sleep or binge on the fastest thing you can find around.
  4. tactile hallucination? Liver issue? Drug or w/d?
  5. The topics/work/time commitments never get any easier - you get better and more efficient. Never listen to "this won't be on the exam" - half the time it will anyway, and even if not it will be on EoR's/PANCE. I ALWAYS studied for the PANCE on every exam, it's worth it to build up your knowledge, and any extra tidbits you might get tested on from specific examples in the book or PP's are never enough to really hurt your grade so it's worth it to just stay focused on that and not get bogged down; use the resources/formats that you best connect with to study (I recommend PPP/AMBOSS/onlinemeded)
  6. Sorry for jumping on and off, this thread happened to be during EOR season. Point of care US is actually something I'm really interested in. Can I get CME for taking classes for that? We got a few days worth in school but not nearly enough
  7. 1) TIA/Stroke/MI until ruled out 2) above plus OPQRST etc + neuro exam for any additional FND + tPA contraindication questions at this point given the timing 3)really depends on the timing and what we have available in the clinic but I'm probably calling the medivac now. Can we get anything from the BLS crew? EKG, ASA, neuro checks? What's ETA to hospital for medivac once here?
  8. Paladin cannon crew here. Got a degree, ran some clinical trials, went to school and now I graduate in May. I left research because I was tired of dealing with money, grants, and politics behind the shadows and I wanted to actually work with patients. I imagine admin would be much the same. I regret nothing.
  9. I like the APP parts, but not so much the implication that the shortage could be immediately solved by allowing independent practice privileges for unmatched FMGs (going so far as saying the current states that license them in shortage areas is an unfair penalization).
  10. What about this idea - lobbying for DMS/residency trained PA's to get 100%/full reimbursement rates. I don't see why the MD's wouldn't get behind that as it would increase their intake primarily. In turn, it would make us more valuable and possibly lead to more compensation and OTP. Why it's not already 100 I do not know, but I think a residency/DMS would be good ammo to use.
  11. Thanks, LT! That was pretty much the answer I expected. It does make residency sound like a not-so-bad idea if I shoot for EM though.
  12. Boatswain, I 100% get your point but have a question on this specifically as a PA-S inclined to pursue IM/ER - I thought about the PSLF and considered that it would be a viable option given that ~75-80% or so of hospitals are non-profit/government. I recognize I do not have a full understanding of this though and I want to know what the complications are. Do ER / Internist 'doctors groups' or contractors that are brought in to staff the hospitals technically not count as non-profit orgs? Would I have to stick to Gov/Academic hospitals? Or would I be safe for PSLF in those fields due to being in hospitals but be missing out on pay not being at the ~20% of for-profit hospitals?
  13. Hello, if anyone out there happens to work for the JH hospital system, would you mind sending me a PM? Thanks!
  14. What about foot wear? Been through a few clinical days in my didactic so far and I keep forgetting to look but my feet are killing me in dress shoes.
  15. I should mention that the Pance Prep Pearls book is really great for course exams too*
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