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  1. Believe me, new grads get the message and hear the song. Hopefully we can jump into the fray in a few years. My current state organization is years out of date, half the links on the website don't work the others point to old conferences, and all the job postings are from 2 states over so the motivation is there.
  2. New grad here, end of March. All the options I had got pulled, made a thread about it a while back. I ended up with a primary care offer last week that I'm going to take for now, started off saying they wanted me $40/hr but ended up with full time 75k/year, no benefits other than malpractice, but hopefully renegotiate when this is all over. I did convince them to let me do 4 9's a week so I can keep my options open. No experience (or less than a year) seems to close all locums/temp doors, and from what I've seen in DC/MD/VA the places that are open to hiring PAs are either surgical or view us as cheaper labor than NPs.
  3. Thanks, I figured as much. I think the toughest part will be that my SO would have to take out extra in student loans to cover rent and we would need to find a cosigner to sign an apartment lease. I did do a phone screen for a much better gig, but I'm stuck waiting to hear if I made it to the 2nd of 3 interview rounds and if all went perfect and I got it I'd be looking at a September start date there with credentialing whereas this place would start me instantly once I sign.
  4. To preface this - I already know everything screams run away and don't look back, but I'm in a tight spot right now being a new grad in an area where every hospital is on a hiring freeze and there's no patients coming in anywhere much less job opportunities. I guess my question is really just should I take literally anything I can get even if it demeans and devalues the profession right now given the current job climate in the foreseeable future (Capital Region)? Job Offer: Outpatient primary care, part time ~18 hours/week $35-40/hour until things eventually pick back up with eventual renegotiation to full time. It's a 3 doc practice, 1 is retiring, 1 is moving to part time working from home only, and the other is there full time (SP). Right now they are doing 99% telemed with with odd patient or 2 coming in, so they are losing money. They have never had a PA before, briefly had an NP, and occasionally take interns from a major hospital system. The practice does not have nurses or MAs and the only benefit given until a full-time offer is made is malpractice coverage. Given the COL in the area I'm not sure it would even cover rent, much less allow me to make loan payments, but I'm stuck as a new grad in an area where everyone is either laid off, furloughed, dropped hours, or huge pay cuts and they are clinging to the lockdown measures like superglue. Is it worth it to take this just to get some experience in? They're really looking for someone to stay long term and keep the practice growing...
  5. Thanks, I've spoken with a few recruiters for COVID locums positions. They have my resume on file and put me on the list but said generally the hospitals are only looking for 2+ years of experience for the positions. Any good locums companies I should toss my CV to?
  6. #1 I am definitely going to do, but the 3 around me that I'm interested in don't take apps until the fall, so I'm still sitting in limbo. The thought of #2 is giving me a thunderclap headache just thinking about it right now. In all seriousness I did find a signup site for my states corona rapid response volunteers so I signed up for that, hopefully it pans out.
  7. State license came in, but only 1 screening interview so far. Looks like I'll be in the hole for a while. Anyone have ideas on how I can maybe volunteer / work for free in the meantime? Something to keep up my medical knowledge without sitting in front of books/laptop would be nice.
  8. Gotcha, that's about what I expected. It seems the only new grad opportunities in my area (even before this for a bit) have been surgery (NPs dominate medicine in my state), which I'm not interested in, but it seems like I should apply for anyway. Ask me again in 10 years? I see your point though, with so many PAs getting laid off with decades of experience right now the grocery store might be the only option. I wish, they all want 3+ years of exp. I have been applying to every singe one anyway though. I'm certainly more than willing to travel, and I would open to volunteering to keep my skills/knowledge up but I'm not sure where to begin with that.
  9. Title says it all. How should a new grad find a job in this situation other than the obvious ride it out or know somebody? Is it worth it to take something way outside of desired field to start on loans etc?
  10. And how did the communist censorship regime contain the spread so fast and so well you might ask?
  11. Any ideas of what we can do / who we can bother about this? My state doesn't even have a temporary license option (MD).
  12. You aren't missing a thing, we're graduating now into all the Pearson centers all being closed for the foreseeable future so we can't take the PANCE. They pushed everyone over a month out and it's likely just the beginning from what I hear.
  13. I'm looking at Hoka's now, and they all look... eccentric (mens). Which ones can you pull off at work?
  14. That is EXACTLY the impression that I got, and exactly why I think the ridiculous 'extra letter' was added to the popular one I have seen thrown about before the survey. In my eyes it totally destroys it, and it seems like they are railroading a particular one (or none) instead of actually asking for any feedback or opinions from the member base.
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