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  1. Aren't NPs ~90% female? I get the fertility aspect, but I think they usually put the real reason in the 3 sentence rejection when they say they are looking for an independent nurse practitioner.
  2. I agree 100% with the sentiment by SAS on recertification. I will say, the NCCPA saved my butt early last year when Pearson shut down all PA testing and deemed PAs "non-essential" vs nurse exams. As soon as I let them know that, they fought (even went on the news) and had us able to test again within the week. Then again, you could also view that as NCCPA protecting their revenue stream versus PA's.
  3. I try to stay up to date with my state / county orgs and get all their emails. Every position I have seen advertised with PAs listed has also had RN, EMT, even MA listed for the same position. It puts the needle in the skin. That said, I have heard Kaiser in VA is offering $4k/week for RNs to administer vaccines temp of course, but damn.
  4. I really hope they can put OTP vs FPA to a vote next so we can rid ourselves of a ridiculous push to stay 10+ years behind. OTP may very well have been a great idea if it were just physicians and PAs, but that's not the case anymore.
  5. We aren't trying? I thought that was the whole point of the MCP push. I agree that if we don't bury the idea of "OTP" with the "assistant" title then we are dead in the water, but I'm still hopeful for the FPA push if for no other reason than I have to be.
  6. So... Plan A- Everything works out and we get Full Practice in a few years Plan B- We give up and make an NP bridge? Plan C- Scorched Earth? Team up with MDs and fight to re-restrict NP practice?
  7. As a newer PA, I cannot agree more. I had to dig in and claw my way into urgent care (I've about given up on my dreams of getting into EM as all the major hospital systems nearby only accept PAs in surgery) only to be training fresh NPs who have never so much as seen a suture put in or an I&D.
  8. So why fight for PAs to be unemployable until after a 1 year residency / force a pay cut and delay paying off $100k loans when NPs don't have to? I was with it until that point. If we're fighting for parity, let's go for parity. Anything less is an admission that we are poorly trained compared to them to uninformed admins/hiring managers...
  9. Not sure if relevant in your state, but in my all practice agreements are viewable online by anyone on the Board of Physicians website so it would be a moot point here.
  10. I went through 4 interviews with the biggest/best hospital system in my area right after I graduated over the course of 2 months, was made to believe it was a done deal, 6 months later after a little bit of contact every 2 weeks or so they told me the position was nixed. Take that with a grain of salt, began at the start of the lockdowns and they assumed everything would normalize and the money would come back but it did not. When I already had a job after that they reached back out saying they got some funding, but that it went from FT to PRN with no guaranteed hours. I think everything is st
  11. The goals were: get out of debt, get exp faster, transition to the better paying job without having to drop the first one initially. I'd be lying if I said I had a clear career path at this point though, not sure either job feels right, but I figure doubling down the experience for now will help me land something better in the next year or two. I'm starting to feel a lot more comfortable with the idea of 1099 thanks to everyone here, I could see myself staying on that path.
  12. Definitely sub 200k, I'm new so I started the W2 in May (horrible, horrible salary / no benefits,, but I graduated in the shutdown so I counted myself lucky to be employed) and added the 1099 in early August. If I had both the full year I would definitely hit 200 (the 1099 UC pay is half decent). The 200k -might- come into play next year, but if I keep up 80 hours for more than 6 months into 2021 my wife will probably murder me even if I "pay" her my 1099 hourly I don't think my car is going to last me through next year though, so if that's true about being able to deduct it then an LLC i
  13. I choose optimism this time. The amount of pts that I've convinced to get their first flu vaccine this year (who were previously vehemently opposed) has been awesome and surprisingly not difficult. People are actually taking precautions, wearing masks, washing their hands correctly (some for the first time). Shutting everything down again might be our biggest enemy.
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