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  1. Contract Question: I will be taking on a temporary temporary call. No where in my contract does it state I will be collaborating with a supervising physician. I will be an independent contractor. The initial contract stated NP( now corrected). This is a very brief position but still wanted to be sure ...or simply provide what should be included.
  2. Great feedback. Thank you for this response. I have read some of the older posts and it was very helpful as well. Any suggestions on putting together something in writing? I think I will be much more assertive in future negotiations. Haven’t done this in some time so I was all over the place
  3. Thank you! The feedback on this forum including prior post have been a tremendously help! Did you put a contract together? Looking for ideas.. and malpractice.. anything new with call addition?
  4. I would like to hear what you can Share about negotiation strategies for call coverage compensation. This would be for inpatient non surgical/ consults,follow ups. No admission or discharge
  5. Share your negotiation strategy for call coverage compensation. This would be for inpatient non surgical/ consults,follow ups. No admission or discharge.
  6. Hi I hope this message finds you well. I forgot to pay my fees for nccpa.. it’s been two days and I’m afraid I have to take panre ... I saw ur posts a while ago. 

    when you reached out to nccpa was there an extension of any sorts??

    1. annazbird

      Sorry seeing this now. I hope you have since contacted the NCCPA. I appealed the process.  

  7. There were great responses to a prior post on question regarfung RVUs. I am curious on experience others have had working on an inpatient setting. I am the sole provider for the service handling all issues during the day about with approximately 95% autonomy. In restructuring the comoensaton model to base plus RVU, I am being compared to an unrelated specialty for performance/RVU generated. My duties include no surgeries/procedures etc. Any insight on this by those much familiar with RVUs in an inpatient setting?
  8. This topic on RVU’s were initially posted in September 2018. Took me some time to revisit. I am now seeing the responses as they were not immediate. Very glad I did however. These are all very helpful in gaining better understanding of the wRVU approach. It has been quite confusing Changing from salary base to partially RVU. It is a convoluted journey. However if it is becoming the wave of the future, best we all understand it. As for my situation very similar to post by Mgriffiths. I billed encounters based on codes provided to use atvtime of higher( RVUs were not used at that time as part of compensation) Once the change was made it was realized codes were not appropriate for patient encounters. Very helpful information. I will look at the medscape video as well. Not sure of the roadblocks I will encounter. But after reading the responses, I certainly have questions.
  9. Thank you for your feedback. I will take this approach and see the outcome. Interestingly it is exactly that(listing responsibilities) that made me realize how removed management is from the day to day functioning. I work in an inpatient setting with about 90-95% autonomy. Great environment to work, however lacking team support from the team I am aligned with( supervising physicians) who sees mainly outpatients.
  10. I needed to review my job description and found it to very general, non specific to my duties and lack clarity. I have been dealing with some unreasonable request and lack of support yet increasing demands. Just wondering how others approach improving job descriptions and any resistant from supervising physicians/management.
  11. Recently our compensation structure changed to RVU’s with reduction in base salary. At the end of the year however (based on performance) portion of salary reduced can be earned as a “bonus” If certain metrics are met. Currently I see inpatients only. All billing previously were done by separate dept. Recently it was realized codes submitted adjusted by the billing dept(Not sure if this is allowed). I am also not sure if my patients are billed with my NPI, or under my supervusing physician’s. I am trying to increase my understanding to take the corrective steps and ask the right questuons. I have seen a few very informative post Any additional suggestions, input ,seminars, webinars I can be referred to would be helpful.
  12. missed getting required cme for this cycle. Fully admit a huge lapse on my end... life stressers, new job etc.. anyone experienced similar circumstances. A.d ay luck presenting case to nccpa. Trying to figure out if certification required in my state- any suggestions?
  13. what to do when lost certification due to insufficent cme

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