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WMU PA program questions

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For anyone currently in the program:


1) What has your experience been like in the program? Has the faculty and staff been helpful and organized?

2) 2nd years: Where have your clinicals been? Have you had to drive far? What about lodging when you aren't within driving distance of your clinical site? Can you request doing it out of state?

3) What is your typical schedule like during the first year? Should you be prepared for any evening classes?

4) How bad/cold is the weather? How bad is the driving during the winter?

5) What is the average age of a student in the class? Do they come from all over the US?


Thanks for your responses!

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1). Some are most arent organized. They will be nice to your face.

2). Lots of places. Go where you get the best experience for you. Don't cheat yourself in this area.

3). 8-5 M-F and a few nights.

4). Live close to campus and the drive isnt bad. Winter is always cold in MI. Been mild for the past two years though with little snow.

5). Guess: range 22-50+, average late 20's, appears heavy with females over males. All over the US is possible.

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