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  1. Anyone on this forum have feedback about the Einstein EM Residency?
  2. Any PAs here working in Oncology would like to update how life is for them in this specialty and how steep the learning curve was when they started? That would be great insight!
  3. Hello I know this could differ based on the group you work for, location, etc. However, generally speaking what is the typical schedule for a PA in the ED in a suburban, urban or teaching facility? How many nights and or weekends are you required to work a month? And does this specialty really afford a better lifestyle and ability to take vacations or time off more easily (in stretches) than the normal 8-5 M-F grind? Thanks!
  4. To those PAs who work in or are familiar with the life of a PA who works in trauma surgery, can you elaborate? What is you day in the life like? Responsibilities, schedule, quality of life, work environment, etc? Thanks!
  5. Anyone complete this fellowship or have insight about the program? Pros/Cons? Would love to hear more about it!
  6. Anyone know anything about the EM residency at Duke? If so, can you post your thoughts and how competitive it is? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the replies thus far! Definitely want to do a residency, but they also seem super competitive. I had a great EM rotation and hopefully good letters too, but my concern is that I had no ED experience prior to PA school (tech, scribe, or otherwise) and it seems like a lot of people do :(. I thought the whole point of a residency was to get people who have no experience up to speed. Ahh, well just gotta see what happens.
  8. For those who work in EM, what was your background when you started? Did you need/have prior experience as an EMT, Scribe, Paramedic, RN, Tech etc in order to get into a job or a residency program? I am currently looking into EM jobs but most of them want experience, which is justified, but even residency programs are having that expectation too even if it is in a different role (ie the ones mentioned above). What about those who decided once we got to PA school we really liked emergency medicine? Insight appreciated!
  9. Is anyone familiar with the Weill Cornell ED residency? Tried searching through threads and could not find any past postings. Having a hard time getting a response back from the program. Thanks!
  10. Recently saw a fellowship at Stanford for AAPs in several different areas....is this a new program? Anyone have any insight as to how the program is run and rigor? Thanks!
  11. Hello! Has anyone completed the BCM (Baylor in Houston) residency here or know anything about the residency program? Thoughts/Feedback? Thanks!
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