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Hey all!


So, Towson/CCBC was the only school I applied to where I wasn't able to attend an information session (super bummed). Now, with the interview looming, I feel less prepared for this one than my other ones. I think it's because I haven't had that personal view of the school and their program packet is a little dry on the 'Why We're Great!' I don't feel my lack of uber-enthusiasm is an accurate reflection on the program, but rather because I haven't had that introductory dose of 'What Could Be'.


So, I'm asking fellow Towson-hopefuls, as well as Towson alums and currents to share with my your reviews of the program/campus/faculty and staff, what feelings you had when you visited, what stood out to you, what you like, and what you didn't. I'm hoping to gain a sense of that 'intro' before walking in the door tomorrow morning (I know, I left a lot of time for replies...). If not, I'm sure the beginning tour and general feeling of the day should help me out. I (hopefully) have a very tough decision in my future!



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