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  1. Good afternoon all. I'm in my final few months of PA school and starting the job search and application process. I'm interested in moving to Boston. I was wondering if you guys could give me some insight into locum tenens positions. Pros and cons, would they consider a new grad, would it be a decent way to relocate to a new area, that sort of thing. Thanks!
  2. I'm currently attending a 24 month program, but also had the same trouble deciding between my other top school, which was 30 months. I decided on the 24 month program because I'm an older student, with a fair amount of experience, and I wanted to be done sooner. Those extra 6 months did not go into clinical rotations, just a lighter course load during the first summer semester that added time to the didactic year and included more breaks. My 24 month program included much more flexibility in choosing specific rotations, and the ability to set your own up, and three electives, including an international. Because I can fine tune even my core rotations to what I'm interested in and where, and will be done early (and thus be in the job market before other graduates) I feel like the 24 month program was a good choice. PA school is hard no matter what. It's stressful always, overwhelming often, but worth it. I feel like, in ten years, it won't matter whether I had chose the 24- vs 30-month program. You end up getting out what you put in.
  3. Hi all, I'm looking for a clincal rotation in Africa that's preferrably rural or based on a traveling clinic system. I've been looking at a few opportunities in South Africa, Uganda, and Tanzania but wanted to explore some more possibilities. My program is very open to me setting this up, but I need to find an individual or group that is a/has PAs and that would be willing to take a student. Thanks in advance!
  4. And here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/audepaclass2015/ :)
  5. Okay, well, it was a very difficult decision, but I've decided on Arcadia University! I'm thrilled and honored at this opportunity and I'm excited and thrilled looking at this next stage of my life! So, I don't see a class of 2015 facebook group. Shall I start one? :)
  6. Tried emailing two faculty members, but I haven't heard back and I'm on a bit of a time crunch as I pick between schools. I have some further questions, maybe someone here knows the answer to. Thanks! I am very much interested in Arcadia's global opportunities. Is doing one clinical rotation abroad guaranteed for an interested student in good academic standing? Are these global opportunities separate from the Guatemalan mission trip? Is it possible to do both? How are students selected to go and when does this trip occur? I was told that 6 months of the clinical year needs to be with rotation sites within 90 miles of campus, is this accurate? How flexible can I be for the other rotations? I was interested in doing something along the lines of working on an Indian Reservation in the Mid West or in rural Appalachia. And finally, I was interested to know what kind of community outreach/service projects your students routinely participate in. I know the intensity of the program limits students' availability, but I was interested in participating or coordinating service to our local community.
  7. I just got an email today! Boy was that super fast! It states that the "PA Program is recommending SU Admissions that I be accepted for the class of 2015". So, somehow I think that SU Admissions will do what the PA Admissions want... and they say "Congratulations" at the end! OMG!! Two days after I interview?! Just wow. SU is great! I now have a huge decision on my shoulders and only a short period of time to make it. Shenandoah and Arcadia were my top two programs... what do I do?!
  8. I submitted mine in June. I'm super excited about Saturday! This is my third and last interview and I've always loved this program from the first interview session!
  9. Well, they sorta decided quick: I just got an email saying I was on the wait list. That's okay, I wasn't particularly impressed with the program. Anyone else feel this way or am I the oddball out?
  10. Hey all! So, Towson/CCBC was the only school I applied to where I wasn't able to attend an information session (super bummed). Now, with the interview looming, I feel less prepared for this one than my other ones. I think it's because I haven't had that personal view of the school and their program packet is a little dry on the 'Why We're Great!' I don't feel my lack of uber-enthusiasm is an accurate reflection on the program, but rather because I haven't had that introductory dose of 'What Could Be'. So, I'm asking fellow Towson-hopefuls, as well as Towson alums and currents to share with my your reviews of the program/campus/faculty and staff, what feelings you had when you visited, what stood out to you, what you like, and what you didn't. I'm hoping to gain a sense of that 'intro' before walking in the door tomorrow morning (I know, I left a lot of time for replies...). If not, I'm sure the beginning tour and general feeling of the day should help me out. I (hopefully) have a very tough decision in my future! Thanks!
  11. If you're set on getting a bachelors, it's not necessary to have it be science. Though, if your pre-reqs (for PA school, I'm assuming) transfer, you would already be well on your way to getting a something akin to a Biology degree. Also, keep in mind, some schools look at WHERE you take the pre-reqs and, while they would accept them from a community college, some feel like the course load is more strenuous at a university and you're taking them in part to prove you can handle their classes. So it might be a good idea to take some heavy science classes at a college/university regardless of what you're majoring in.
  12. I've agreed with some others. Based on your experience, it doesn't seem to be that low of a GPA. I don't have a great GPA: (Science 3.34, Non-science 3.65, Total: 3.48), but I really highlight the work I do in the field to show I'm capable. I do have a certification that CASPA didn't factor into the GPA (in Medical Technology), but your experience sounds just as good. I don't think the problem is your GPA, but I do think you need to learn how to sell yourself to programs that fit you. Highlight the great things, mention why things aren't where they necessarily should be, and more than anything, express your desire to be a PA! It worked for me, with one acceptance with two more interviews on the way with my top three programs :) Good luck!
  13. These are the questions I used to prep. http://science.iupui.edu/sites/default/files/Physician%20Assistant%20Interview%20Questions.pdf I would suggest not memorizing any answers, but definitely put the time and thought into each question and rehearse speaking the answers outloud. Use the time to think about who you are, your background, and why you are doing this more than anything. Once your comfortable with that you can let the conversation flow. Good luck!
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