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Options after Undergrad

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Hello everyone,


I'm posting this here since I'm sure many of you would be able to give good advice or have gone through a similar situation. I changed my career route this past summer from wanting to apply to medical school to wanting to go to PA school. Being pre-med in school, I have most of the pre-reqs down except anatomy & physiology 1 and 2 and microbiology. Since I am a senior and will be graduating on time, I wont be able to apply for this cycle and will have to wait till April of 2013 because I won't have these 3 classes done yet. So my question is, what kind of job can I/should I look for and apply for my gap year in-between? I don't want to just sit at home doing nothing in that time. I am EMT certified and am trying to find a paid EMT position. But I wanted to know what else I could apply for. If anyone has any advice I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks a lot!

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