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MSW --> PA: Any credit for HCE?

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Good Morning,


Just a quick question regarding the HCE required by most PA schools. I know that each school is different, and you should contact the school for the direct answer, but I wanted to get your feedback on this topic.


I have a friend with an MSW that is interested in PA school and her time for the last 10 years has been in a clinical counseling setting (mainly addictions and mental health). This has benefited her and allowed her to experience a wide range of health issues. My question to you guys is in your opinion could this be considered for the HCE hours needed for entry into PA school? Again, I know you should check with the individual schools, but in my opinion direct patient care is direct patient care. And while a CNA will have different responsibilities than an EMT, both are interacting directly with patients in a clinical setting (much like the MSW). Any thoughts and opinions are appreciated.

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Why is your friend not on here asking around for herself?


I'm here for myself as well, but I'm in a different situation and I don't see a problem with asking questions on her behalf. I've been reading for a few days on this forum and educating myself before asking questions. :heheh:


As far as credit for experience, I am an LCSW but at e time of application, I was only an MSW...I was offered interviews at multiple schools and received several acceptances and my HCE was of that of a clinical social worker.....


She is a CSW and has a few other state licenses that are also involve her direct patient care employment. I called one school today and they said emphatically that counseling at that level and in those fields would count toward the HCE. Thanks for your response! That's the type of post I've been looking for. :=D:

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