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Civilian PA Going Military?

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I've never served as a PA in the military but I was a medic in the Army. I wouldn't. I enjoyed the clowns, but I did not enjoy the circus. As a PA You're going to be paid less then what you would make as a civilian and doing a lot more administrative/officer  stuff in addition to the medicine. 

When I served we had a new PA that worked corrections for 10 years and direct commissioned as a CPT. She had no prior service experience. this was back in 2009, though. If you're interested, try calling up a medical recruiter (don't talk to a regular recruiter).

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PAs join post school or later in life it just depends. Its definitely not uncommon. Some of the big reasons would be school loan repayment. I believe right now they are still offering a fair amount depending on the service for just 3-4 years; They typically will sometimes add rank based on experience as a PA or Physician but I dont think they go too high. Definitely contact a recruiter but would also recommend doing your own research:

For example I have years in service and I was actually recently considering going back in because of my student loans; Based on information from the recruiters I could be almost paid off with a 3 year stint. But I also have the advantage with time in service and they were stating with my PA experience of several years that I would be at least a 0-2E because of previous service adding up the housing just to give me an idea for my area along with certification pay that they also pay you each year it would be just a little under what Im making right now. (but again thats also with my time in service increasing the base pay of rank etc).

So just trying to give an example but definitely contact a medical recruiter to engage in discussion if you were interested. 



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I was a civilian PA who, at ag 35, went into the Airforce (and no prior military experience). I had been living overseas before and saw it as a way to get back overseas. Never got an overseas assignment, but loved my Airforce days until our base closed and I re-entered the civilian world. Easiest job I ever had, but that was a while ago.

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