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Loan Repayment Incentive

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Hi guys,

I've heard about some jobs offering loan repayment incentives with a lower base salary and that the pros of this is that the loan repayment money is non-taxed - thus potentially lowering one's tax bracket a notch. I'd like to do some research on this topic and ask the forum for advice before I approach my SP to discuss since my SP does all the billing/accounting for the practice on her own. I hope it's a win/win scenario. Any info/ideas/links would be much appreciated!

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I'm starting at a FQHC soon and my salary is actually a bit hirer than the region. Don't settle for less!!! NHSC funding is NOT guaranteed. They CANNOT use loan repayment to offer you less.


But I actually think the OP is asking a different question. He's wondering if a private employer (not NHSC qualified) can offer tax-free loan repayment in combo with a salary. Ie pay you 70K plus 20K loan repayment instead of a 90K salary so that you are in a lower tax bracket and pay less tax. I'm not sure if that would actually work. Seems like a sneaky workaround to me, so kind of doubt it.


And my understanding for NHSC is that the money is taxed. Am I wrong on that?

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