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  1. Interesting topic. I don't think anyone has mentioned patients/staff that might be allergic to dogs. Both my sons are allergic to dogs. Even if the dog is not present, I have to make sure there's no dog hair around. How would that work ?
  2. I did the loan repayment. 2 years plus 1 extra year to cover all my loans. Finished my contract about 3 years ago. PROS: tax free money and still got my regular pay. CONS: not really any, unless you don't like your job and want to quit, you will need to find another clinic that offers the loan repayment. My site score was a 14 I believe.
  3. I drove about from Covina to LA to Pasadena (Brazilian jiu-jitsu) and back to Covina for a little over 2 years. Actually I still do it, but now for work. So it's totally doable. Have you considered Western University in Pomona?
  4. I know you mentioned that you prefer an ER position. But you might want to look at the NHSC website for the loan repayment program. They also list job openings but in primary care.
  5. Since my PA program did not offer a Masters, I was thinking of getting an MPAS since I graduated,but that has changed. Now, for the past year I've been part of the core team involved in implementing EHR at the community health center I work for and I am also a current super user. This has really opened my interest in this field. Now I've been looking at Masters in Health Informatics programs. The school that caught my eye is University of Illinois in Chicago that offers an MPH in Public Health Informatics. Is anyone involved in this field? Your opinions? Thoughts? MHI vs MPH-PHI?
  6. Update: Passed, got my results the following Monday
  7. Took mine last friday, no results today. Probably will have results next thursday.
  8. Google NHSC loan repayment. My salary and benefits were competitive, so don't settle for lower pay.
  9. Mr Chow from "The Hangover" is an MD, left medicine to pursue acting :=D: I just found out a class mate went back to school and got a BSN, why? I don't know, he won't reply to my questions .
  10. NHSC Loan repayment should not impact your salary. My salary and benefits are very competitive and even better than other non-NHSC sites. I'm in the process of extending my contract one more year and finally being student debt free!!
  11. From my experience most MDs/DOs/PAs/NPs wear the long coat and the students would wear the short coat. I think a 3/4 length white coat is good, full length might be too long and get on the way.
  12. Looks like you made up your mind. Sounds like this hospital is a good gig for you as a new grad. You can always get a FP/PC job after.
  13. I was going to ask if there was something similar but with Women's Health. There's a PA that I know that says she was only trainned for Women's Health and that her license only says women's health. So is she "allowed" to see internal medicine/family medicine patients??
  14. Missed the deadline, I should really look into this earlier next year. I've been working in an underserved area for over a year now, this will sure help me get those loans down.
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