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My dilemma, need your expert advice

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So next year or maybe the following year depending on a couple things, I will finally be applying to PA schools. But the thing is a lot of people around me have suggested I go for Med School. I feel like I'm to old to apply to med school and would really just like to get on with my career. Also, feel my GPA is a little low but heard my experience could help some. Here is my history.


Will be age 26/27 when time to apply. HCE WILL BE MORE.


BS in Biology / Minor Pre-PA : GPA will probably finish around a 3.2 / 3.3

HCE: Volunteer FF/EMT 1 year

Er Tech: 5,100 hours as of now. Work in the summertime full time and randomly throughout the school year so could be around 6,500 come app time, maybe more.

Biology Lab Assistant / Phlebotomy: 2,000 hours.

Have only shadowed a ortho PA for 24 hours. But between work at the hospital and going to my family PA, I have a very deep understanding of an PA.




NCA (License will change to MA due to a change from the department of health)

Firefighter 1

Swift Water Rescue 1


Let me know what you think! If you have a question, just ask!


My reasons why PA School over MD.


Start Career sooner

Would like to do EM and then Ortho when older.

What I have been working towards.

Less debt.


My reasons why MD over PA.


More money

Possibly better hours, especially in EM



I know a lot of people will say 26/27 is young but I feel for Med School this is kinda the cut off.

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With your stats, unless you have a super high MCAT, you're probably looking at Caribbean med school or DO. Honestly your GPA/sGPA are boarder line for PA school. Do what YOU want to do/think is right, not what others say (on here or in life). I'm 28 and had similar stats to yours with about as many hrs as an RT and only had one interview out of 6 applications. I'd apply if I were you, but have a plan in place to get your GPA higher. Good luck.

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Guest carolanimal

what is your science GPA? What's your last 60 hours gpa? what kind of LOR's do you think you can get? With a good personal statement it may be doable, but you will have to apply broadly (10+ schools).

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I think you have a much better shot at getting into a good PA school vs med school. Your stats don't look like med school prep which would typically have a higher GPA, less HCE, some research, etc. For PA school your GPA is on the lower side but you have quite good HCE.


It's sometimes said that the school for your undergraduate degree doesn't matter but I think it can. If you have your GPA from a top school with a difficult reputation it looks better to adcoms than your GPA from an "easier" university or combo of CC/university.


What's your personality like? Are you okay with not being the head honcho if you go to PA school?

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