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  1. Just say no. Patient volume is crazy. No health coverage for a provider, crazier still.
  2. Agree with most what has been said, ACLS is a “check box” for most who routinely perform resus. But consider this hypothetical: Code goes poorly and the family sues, Plantiff’s attorney checks your credentials and finds your resus cert isn’t “the gold standard”. How will that play out in a jury trial with our supposed peers?
  3. If you’re actively running codes, take ACLS, PALS etc in person run by the AHA. Doing anything less unnecessarily increases your liability.
  4. 85k with 4 years relevant exp??? I started at 85k 5 years ago. It’s going to take A LOT of free food to make up for where you should be salary wise.
  5. Curious as to what the venue is, can’t see the utility of a PA perfusionist in the OR. Are you looking for CVICU/ECMO?
  6. How recent were the emboli? I would consider an echocardiogram to r/o right sided failure.
  7. Nearly 1/3 (>500 hrs) of my program rotations were inpatient, careful with the generalizations. Average TOTAL ACNP clinical hours are what 500hrs? ?
  8. Not a bad offer, but I'd never accept a position without health ins. I'd counter with an additional 5k so you can buy your own coverage.
  9. The AAPA salary data, or any salary data is a starting point for negotiation, not a hard set number. First rule of negotiation is to not give the first number (you've done this). Now simply ask for what you want. If they can't accommodate you, move on.
  10. Obviously I don't know all the specifics of your situation, but is the policy you are or will be covered by solely yours or are you covered under the groups policy? If you're under a group's policy as a rider, you wouldn't require a tail so long as the corporation maintains insurance.
  11. No this is base 7 on/7off nights for a major hospital system. As to why salary seems to trend higher in critical care medicine, I'd imagine supply and demand of experienced critical care providers. This is also my second job, after spending two years making nearly 50% less so I could take advantage of a positive learning environment; gaining the patient management and procedural skills so I could eventually function fairly independently as I do now.
  12. 3 years ICU experience here in the Southeast. I comfortably fall between the 125-160 range you mentioned. Granted, I provide solo night coverage.
  13. Wow, never seen an offer without the employer paying licensing fees.
  14. 2 years Pulmonary/Critical Care private practice. Now critical care solo coverage at a large nonprofit hospital system.
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