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New to the CMU forum...questions from Pre-PA student

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Hi all,


Just joined the forums today. I'm an adult returning student. I graduated with my Associate degree in Microbiology & Physics in 1994. After putting my medical career aspirations on hold for the last 18 years, I finally have the opportunity to pursue my dream. I'm facing a lot of obstacles...mostly the "your credits are too old" obstacles!


Even though I made an A in all the pre-reqs, I'm still required to re-take everything...ugh! So, I'm in the home stretch now. All I have left is Organic Chem, Bio Chem, Pathophysiology & Stats. I'm going to be meeting with an advisor at CMU in a few weeks, just to make sure there are no other surprises in store for me. I still have to finish my B.S. but I'm trying to knock out all the pre-reqs first.


Question: I noticed the pre-reqs for the nursing program at my current school include many of the pre-reqs for PA school. Do you think I'd have a better chance of being accepted to CMU if I had my RN first? I am currently taking a Phlebotomy class and will have my certification in February, when I complete my externship. I know that phlebotomy counts towards PCE, but since that's only blood draws & various other bodily fluid samples, I'm wondering if getting my BSN would be a better route? What are your thoughts?


I know I will need to apply to several different PA schools, but I'd prefer CMU since it's little under an hour drive from here. Any advice would be appreciated! :D

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I've got an appointment with the Pre-PA advisor at CMU tomorrow (Mar. 15th). Looking forward to getting a lot of questions answered!


I'm trying to determine how many classes I have left to get a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Laboratory Science. I won't know if I'm accepted into nursing school until the last week of April. Even then, I wouldn't start until either Fall 2013 or Spring 2014 (depending on which cohort I'm assigned to). It would take 2 years to finish the RN, plus another 14 months to complete the BSN. According to what I see online, I only need 18 more classes to finish the Biomedical Laboratory Science degree and I could then apply directly to the PA program. I completed by phlebotomy certification (taking the national & state licensure exams in 3 weeks), so I could work as a phlebotomist while finishing the degree.


Does anyone know if CMU gives preference to CMU undergrads when applying to PA school?

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