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does it matter?

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I wanted to ask this question, especailly to you guys who have been out there for a while. Does it really matter which PA school you graduate from? Are there any factor(s) that should be taken into consideration, especailly for post-PA opportunites? I am having some serious dilemma in making a decision between multiple schools.

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Nope. There are some bragging rights, and, in the case of duke and maybe Yale program, a pissible entry into the peri-university medical system as a pa graduate from those schools. Else a PA is a PA. What matters is recommendations, references from known entities. And, in my case if i am hiring, military service. If you were a medic, corpsman, or military trained PA, you are head and shoulders above any new grad from duke, Emory, Yale etc.

Find the school that best fits your personality, and your learning style, and then study! Learn as much as you can.. A lot of the education is self directed and enthusiasm driven.

Others may disagree, but I've been in this game a long time.. Went to a pretty good school (gw), but have never felt that the school's name made a difference, what made a difference was what I carried out of the school in my brain.. Knowledge trumps attitude. The school is the doorway to a new country.. The passport comes from what you carry from the school.. Which is dependent on you and the faculty and school mixing well..




Ps: what do you mean " post PA possibilities". I hope to sweet Jesus you are not planning on using PA school from an elite university as a stepping stone to, say, medical school?


Or, if you are thinking about academia, then the school DOES make a difference...

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I might agree with the 2 previous posts in some respects but yes there are some definite differences in training and beyond. I had several positions over my career that I was responsible for interviewing and hiring new employees. There is definitely a difference, especially with new graduates up to individuals with less than 5 years experience. I have found that PAs who attend programs that are affiliated with a medical school generally have a broader base of knowledge( regardless of their pre-PA experience). Beyond 5 years of experience as a PA, depending upon job they were in prior to coming to us, most PAs will catch up with one another and be equally qualified providers.


As far as beyond PA training, I could only speak from my own experiences, I am a graduate the George Washington University school of medicine health sciences PA program and I can't begin to tell you how many doors have been opened for me from being an alum of the school. For example, I was the governmental affairs chairperson of my state PA association, when dealing with lawyers and legislative when I would tell them I was a graduate of GW they most often gave me a little more respect, especially if they were GW graduates. Not to say that this was right, it just happened that way. I also have a Masters degree which afforded me several opportunities for administrative position.


if I were you I would try to get interviews at several different programs so you can decide for yourself of which programs you think would offer you better education. It also depends upon where you are currently living and if you are willing to relocate. Lastly, it also depends upon which program you can't afford to go to.

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