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  1. Damm ya'll calm down. i did not say i completely stopped reading the book. i said once i discovered it, i stopped reading that book -- for a day. May be i could have been little bit more clearer. so quick to throw "dont take it like that" rhetorics. points taken though.
  2. i was reading this book, which was a must read for one of my friend who is also going to PA school in MA, and saw in chapter 6," high-velocity...therapy" written, "I once heard a resident try to persuade a physician’s assistant to take over one of his cases. “No, Steve,” said the assistant. “No, I do not want to see an elderly Hmong woman with multiple complaints and depression." Now, i have absolutely no doubt that it was a physician assistant that the author was referring to. Obviously, i stopped reading. I doubt the students are even told about it and if one them cats saw it. dammit
  3. I wanted to ask this question, especailly to you guys who have been out there for a while. Does it really matter which PA school you graduate from? Are there any factor(s) that should be taken into consideration, especailly for post-PA opportunites? I am having some serious dilemma in making a decision between multiple schools.
  4. Hello everybody, i was curious to know that if there is any surgery residency programs in MA. thanks!
  5. why does some posters say physician associates? Am i missing something?
  6. if you are buying anything buy a ipad. May be wait a couple of months, until ipad mini comes out. When you do buy that also, if you can, buy one of those pen/app that lets you write on the pad. i dont have have ipad, i wish, cant afford it right now, but they are very helpful. With amount of pdf notes/slides they will throw at you, you are better off with ipad. Also, printing coast is sky high at mcphs. Cell phones, may be if you have ipad, def, any phone with data capablities for the app you have to download for school. Apartment, anything very very very close to school or atleast walking/cycling distance.
  7. dont worry so much about writing sample. They give you, if i remeber correctly, 3 questions out of which you have to ans two. You write with a pencil so make sure you write neat and legible. However, during my interview, after the writing sample, they never brought up my sample writings. So, IDK what they are judigng for, english??
  8. where did you guys get you BLS certification before school started -- if they required you to do so? Any in boston?
  9. dude i wasn't asking any questions. i was writing what i felt was the reasons i didn't wanted to go to medical school. Trust me i did enough research.
  10. so it the same situation for surgery PA vs FP PA or EM PA? Does sugery PA has to rush to see multiple patients as FP PA? or every place is different in how they set up the salary pay.
  11. than why do we get paid significantly less then doc? And, and we hit the salary plateau quicker, assuming here. not sure if any PA makes 200k after 15+ years experience. looks like tons of added frustrations.
  12. lets hear some more. I know there are more than handful of PA out there. i can't hear you, say that again.
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