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Emergency Room Preceptor 2023

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Hi all!

I am currently in a bind and have failed to find an emergency room clinical for 2023.  

I live in WA state, so if anyone has connections in WA, OR, northern CA or ID, I would greatly appreciate any information you may be able to provide. Happy to send more information, resume, or speak further about requirements.

I am needing a 160 hour rotation, essentially ASAP.

Thank you!


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I can't help, but I am curious about the urgency of your request. My understanding is ARC-PA still requires the schools to provide 100% of rotations, and student-requested rotations are optional. I know rotations are tough right now and I've heard of some students' schedules getting bumped around a little, but is your school completely unable to find a rotation? I assume you're a MEDEX student, and last I heard MEDEX had a pretty decent network of rotation sites. Wish I could help, and best of luck!

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9 hours ago, EMEDPA said:

If you are a medex student we may have a slot

Emedpa, did WA do something that requires state-run/owned facilities to only rotate PA/MD/DO/NP students from WA schools? I heard something like that a couple of years back, but can't seem to find it now. I know I had a nice rotation lined up with a psychiatrist at Eastern (state mental hospital), but the admin folks at Eastern quashed it without a good reason (I understand they regularly rotate MEDEX students, and my program is Idaho based). I suspected it was related to the article I'd read years ago, but maybe not.

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