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Can they hold dropped/dismissed criminal charges keep me out of PA school??

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Hi there,


I was raised in a home with alcoholic/drug addicted parents. In my late teens, I was dealing with my own addiction issues (which are too often over looked as a disease and a serious medical issue according to the A.M.A.) which consequently led to multiple arrests. I had the good sense to fight the charges each time so I do not have convictions; however, the charges do still show up on my arrest record.


Over ten years have passed since I have had any legal issues. I have sought treatment for my addictions and have had no relapses after getting the proper help in 2004. I’m worried because I have worked very hard to get where I am now, but I just found out that dropped and dismissed charges will show up on a background check! Interview invitations are starting to come in, and one school said they wouldn’t hold dropped charges against me ( but that person may have been misinformed). Does anyone have knowledge or experience with this issue? Any success stories? My understanding is that schools deny people because it can be difficult to put them into clinical rotations. I have been up front about things and even wrote a letter explaining circumstances further.


This still the United States of America, right? I don’t understand how dropped charges can be held against a person, especially after all this time has passed. One of the dropped charges involved prescription fraud…….BUT IT WAS DISMISSED!


Thanks for any constructive input. I’ve been losing sleep over this.

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Everytime I apply for credentialing and privileges at various hospitals or insurances companies... old arrests come up.

This was really a problem when I was starting to do government security contracting work overseas.


Spend the cash and get it expunged. It will save you plenty of headaches and explaination later.

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I am striking out at the moment to find the correct link but it is my understanding and second person experience that states have a rehab/support program for chemically dependent health care providers and students. An individual from my PA class lost their "wrestling match" with their inner demons and made some poor choices. The state stepped in, reached out, and helped this person get back on track, including scholarship to inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, and support groups made up of other health care providers who have made poor choices and are walking the road of recovery. Being a state sanctioned, funded program, they also carry an air of authority who can vouch for said student when they re join the health care education track and eventual search for employment. The student has been informed that when it is time to clear some background investigation hurdles that the program will write a letter on their behalf and help clear those hurdles.


So, my suggestion is to do some internet research, perhaps contact your state's medical board or PA organization and ask for the local healthcare provider support network and see if they can at least offer you some solid advice on how to proceed.


http://wphp.org is the site I was looking for

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