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Found 2 results

  1. I need some advice in choosing a school. I have been fortunate enough to be accepted into two different programs. Let me start by saying that I am a non-traditional student. Where I go my husband and two kids will have to go too. The school I think may be better educationwise is not necessarily the one I think will be the best move for my family. School A: 1A. Has cadaver lab 2A. Has simulation lab 3A. Been around since 1992 4A. 99% 5 year first time PANCE pass rate 5A. 27 months-12 months didactic-15months clinicals 6A. Area with higher cost of living 7A. area with awful traffic 8A. tuition of $107,000 School B: 1B. Has no cadaver lab 2B. Has no simulation lab 3B. Been around since 2005 4B. 100% 5 year first time PANCE pass rate 5B. 27 months-15 months didactic-12 months clinicals 6B. Area with lower cost of living 7B. Husband really wants to move there 8B. Tuition of $73,000 9B. Student to faculty ratio is 6:1 Should I be worried that school B doesn't have a cadaver or simulation lab? It does have a 100% 5 year first time PANCE pass rate. I am leaning more towards school B because it is $34,000 less and reason 7B. I think if my husband and kids enjoy living there they will give me more time to study. If I were a traditional student and didn't already have debt and a family to consider I think I would choose school A but 100k+ in grad loans plus debt from undergrad is nothing to take lightly.
  2. Hey all, I won't be graduating for a good six months or so and have several extremely interested potential employers (all of which are speciality practices, particularly neurosurgery with the exception of one). My wife and I are being flown out to several different places and will have a lot of deciding to do. However, I do have several questions, as this would be my first job out of school: 1. Are there any legal implications I need to be aware of going into this? Can I legally sign a contract or agree to employment prior to my commencement? 2. Do I tell the potential employers about other offers? 3. How long is generally standard to be given in order to make a decision on a job? 4. Are there any other tips/tricks that you'd give in the process? MUST haves in a contract, etc.? 5. Obviously I can only take ONE job, what is the best way to inform the others that are interested in hiring me that I have found employment? Phone call, email, formal letter? 6. If you are "hired" prior to graduation, is it standard for them to pay for your licensing/PANCE, etc.? Thanks- BBE
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