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Addressing low science GPA in personal statement (someone please respond)

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Ok these are my grades:

General Biology I: C

General Biology I Lab: B

General Biology II: B-

General Biology II Lab: B

General Chemistry I: B+

General Chemistry I Lab: B+

General Chemistry II: C+

General Chemistry II Lab: C

Human Anatomy and Physiology I: B

Human Anatomy and Physiology II: A

Microbiology: A

Microbiology Lab: A

Mammalian Physiology: B+ 

Overall: 3.11


What are the best excuses for a lower science GPA?





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I think being open and honest during your application process is pretty important. They will more than likely ask you what happened. Were you working during this time? Were you busy with extra curriculars? I would really focus on having a really good personal statement that conveys some depth and emotional maturity with why you want to be a PA. It might not hurt to retake Bio 1 and Gen Chem II if you have time during the spring. Depends what else you have going on. 

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