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  1. I would try and increase your PA shadowing hours just to show schools that you aren't at a "minimum" range but that you are trying to do more. Make sure you revise your personal statement as well. Don't try and submit the exact same one you have to update it some.
  2. I would just like feedback on how PA students adjusted to studying in graduate school vs undergrad. I understand that the material will come at an accelerated pace and I want to know how people adjusted their studying habits. Currently I take my time studying and I like to condense power points to a single page to review for exams. Ive heard that with the time crunch you simply don't have time to "write things out". Ive even heard some students say that you barely have time to read through power points three times and that you simply need to "pick it(material) up" just from reading over it. Also, are most PA students in class about 30 hours a week or 40 hours a week? I start PA school in August and I am trying to do as much as I can to prepare.
  3. I was told the first year would be thirty and the second year would be sixty.
  4. I would apply to the schools that you meet the minimums (which are most if not all). As most people said you have average stats (thats not necessarily bad), I would just make a great personal statement and run with it. I would also check into the application processes for most of these schools because some of them an have lengthy supplemental apps.
  5. I think its good to improve your patient care hours but I would encourage you to look into how CASPA ranks GPA. Most people tend to rank their GPA higher than what it really is. It would just be unfortunate if CASPA certifies your sGPA at 2.99 instead of your 3.06, I wouldn't want that to hurt your chances if your school choices wants your sGPA above 3.00. It would also be unfortunate if you found this out last minute when you cant fix it.
  6. I personally believe you have enough hours for an update. I like phone calls because its more personal but if you email them you will have a record communicating with the school. If your school encourages updates go ahead. Most people say to only update a max of once per month. Wish you the best!
  7. Did you feel ok about the interview? I know I kept reliving mine over and over again in my head.
  8. Im sure they are just reviewing everything they have before they contact everyone.
  9. Just go to another community college and get it done. Lets say you take it because one PA schools says it will count, it does not guarantee that other schools you may apply to will accept it.
  10. I have mixed feelings, they said that the models are pretty accurate 'but I know it won't be the same.
  11. I took all of my science classes at a community college and was accepted to PA school this cycle. You can do it. Good luck.
  12. I emailed Desi and she said she would be making a FB page with all of us in February once all the acceptances are out.
  13. What is exactly wrong with South Florida? I start PA school in August i South Florida and plan on staying here(life long Fl resident) after I graduate.
  14. Ive been working as a physical therapist assistant (PTA) for the past 7 years and I start PA school in August. Most of the newer grad DPT's are in upwards of 150-200k of student loan debt. Although most of the PTs that I work with love their job they regret it due to the debt ratio they are in. Most cant afford homes either. Many of them have told me if they could do it again going the DPT route would not of been for them. I can attest that being in physical therapy is pretty hard on the body and I am so fortunate to be switching careers. As a PTA I have worked PRN which has given me the pay of a DPT without the student loan debt that they are in. Its nice but if medicine is your thing the PA route is fantastic. Good luck!
  15. Good luck to everyone interviewing on the 8th!
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