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  1. I didn't mean that you would find out right away.
  2. From the sound of it, I believe they are telling people yay or nay as they interview people.
  3. I cant believe it took so long for them to get back to you. On paper you sound pretty good. Was your sGPA close to cGPA?
  4. Batman

    Age of Pre-reqs

    I've been talking to some programs about this and its from the completion date to when you start PA school. I unfortunately have to retake some classes this fall.
  5. Batman

    Mock interviews

    I would suggest you to look up some videos on youtube. They have some really good test prep advice. Then just find a PA to assist in your true preparation. Best of luck!
  6. The program has 30 spots for the first year, 60 spots for the second year, and will have 90 spots for the third year on.
  7. Hey, So I am close to verifying my application but part of my "program materials" part of my application wants me to take the CASPER test. The problem is it takes 3 weeks for the results to get to the school. Can I verify and submit an application without the CASPER part completed? Thank you!

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