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  1. What is exactly wrong with South Florida? I start PA school in August i South Florida and plan on staying here(life long Fl resident) after I graduate.
  2. Batman

    PA vs. PT

    Ive been working as a physical therapist assistant (PTA) for the past 7 years and I start PA school in August. Most of the newer grad DPT's are in upwards of 150-200k of student loan debt. Although most of the PTs that I work with love their job they regret it due to the debt ratio they are in. Most cant afford homes either. Many of them have told me if they could do it again going the DPT route would not of been for them. I can attest that being in physical therapy is pretty hard on the body and I am so fortunate to be switching careers. As a PTA I have worked PRN which has given me the pay of a DPT without the student loan debt that they are in. Its nice but if medicine is your thing the PA route is fantastic. Good luck!
  3. Good luck to everyone interviewing on the 8th!
  4. Batman

    Study tips for PA school

    I appreciate all of your advice. I also like to make test but wasn't sure if that was a practical thing to do once in PA school due to the time constraints. I will definitely incorporate that into my study guides though. Thank you Rev Ronin.
  5. Frequently Ive heard that once you are in PA school you have to learn to study different ways. As a visual and artistic person I like to draw things on a dry erase board and write things out to learn things such as chemistry and anatomy. Does anyone have their top study tips once they start PA school? Id like to learn some different techniques before August comes around. Thank you so much!
  6. I just accepted a spot into Gannon's PA program! Good luck everyone, hope to see you in August.
  7. Anyone else get an interview invite for December?
  8. Batman

    Rough start

    You should be able to find schools in the threads that mainly look at the last 60+ hours but be careful even calculating your own GPA. CASPA does a great job at calculating your GPA in a way that will leave you a little shocked. It can look good to take some time off and gather yourself, working on classes, and keep gaining healthcare hours and get ready to apply. A good personal statement can get you an interview. Good luck!
  9. Batman

    Expired pre-reqs

    I have had to retake a psych class and I am about to retake a AP1 class from 10 years ago (originally got a B). Although I am bummed that I have to retake it, I know it'll help me once I get into PA school.
  10. I didn't mean that you would find out right away.
  11. From the sound of it, I believe they are telling people yay or nay as they interview people.
  12. I cant believe it took so long for them to get back to you. On paper you sound pretty good. Was your sGPA close to cGPA?
  13. Batman

    Age of Pre-reqs

    I've been talking to some programs about this and its from the completion date to when you start PA school. I unfortunately have to retake some classes this fall.
  14. Batman

    Mock interviews

    I would suggest you to look up some videos on youtube. They have some really good test prep advice. Then just find a PA to assist in your true preparation. Best of luck!
  15. The program has 30 spots for the first year, 60 spots for the second year, and will have 90 spots for the third year on.

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