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  1. What are some of the best resources to utilize when preparing to start as a new grad in pediatrics. I understand the AAP is the gold standard but any go to podcasts, youtube channels, books, or websites that will help me excel? Thank you so much!
  2. I have a follow up call tomorrow to ask about the acuity that I will be seeing. I had a rotation there and although I was with a Dr. most shifts I could tell the PAs had a variety with the acuity. They claim that I will have the ability to present to a provider but I have serious concerns since the providers are already stretched fairly thin. Thank you so much for bringing those points up!
  3. It sounds like they will only give me 9-10 "training shifts" and that is more than what they originally wanted. From then on I would be on my own. I will definitely continue to listen to podcasts and read. I know I will have to put in immense time out of work to really adequately prepare.
  4. I have recently been offered an ER position right out of school. Although this is exciting, it sounds like I will have less than a month of "training shifts", on top of that they are understaff and I am concerned that I may not have the ability to have a direct supervisor since they have their own caseload. Im currently advocating to have at least 3 months of training. Am I being unrealistic with my expectations or does this raise serious red flags? I should also state they are planning on hiring at least one other new grad. Some say the best way to learn to swim is by jumping in the deep end. I just dont want patients to get hurt in the process. Any advice or tips will be appreciated. Im just concerned about being set up for failure at my first job. Thank you!
  5. Does anyone have any experience taking a 4 day review course to prepare for the PANCE? I am not being humble just being honest, I dont feel ready for the boards. I have put a lot of time in but I know my ROSH scores are not where they need to be. Any thoughts on a course like this? Thank you so much. https://www.cmeresources.com/4-day-cme-webinar-course/ Any other tips or thoughts would be appreciated.
  6. My school will not allow us to graduate if we do not "pass" the packrat exam as well.
  7. I am a few months away from transitioning to clinical rotations. Although I am excited I dont feel prepared. My school will have us take the PAEA exam shortly but I am concerned about my score. What would you recommend in preparation for the PANCE. As of now my school doesn't pay for Rosh Review. Should I go ahead and buy it on my own? I know there are several prep programs but Rosh seems to be the most common. I would love any feedback and to hear about any of your prep routines as well. Thank you! Any random tips for storing all this information into the long term parts of my brain would be much appreciated as well.
  8. We are a first year class for a school that started a new campus. Ive talked to students at the main campus and some said they rarely looked at the books.
  9. My program has only specified to get one or two of the newest edition books. Im struggling with whether to pay more for a new edition or get a used older edition. For instance "Clinically Oriented Anatomy", how much can the 8th edition change from the 7th edition? Most PA students say they never look at most of the textbooks so I am on the fence about ordering them now or just waiting for my first week. Thanks! Also, Ive heard Harrisons Principles of Internal Medicine is a rather difficult book to read. Any thoughts on that book?
  10. I know this has been address in prior posts but I really want to confirm the consensus with otoscopes/ophthalmoscope. My school wants me to buy the traditional welch allyn for over $400. Many say to get a cheap $100 dollar one since it won't be used past PA school. Your thoughts?
  11. Are you still selling this? If so Id be interested in purchasing it from you if you can wiggle on the price.
  12. I would try and increase your PA shadowing hours just to show schools that you aren't at a "minimum" range but that you are trying to do more. Make sure you revise your personal statement as well. Don't try and submit the exact same one you have to update it some.
  13. I would just like feedback on how PA students adjusted to studying in graduate school vs undergrad. I understand that the material will come at an accelerated pace and I want to know how people adjusted their studying habits. Currently I take my time studying and I like to condense power points to a single page to review for exams. Ive heard that with the time crunch you simply don't have time to "write things out". Ive even heard some students say that you barely have time to read through power points three times and that you simply need to "pick it(material) up" just from reading over it. Also, are most PA students in class about 30 hours a week or 40 hours a week? I start PA school in August and I am trying to do as much as I can to prepare.
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