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Do I seem like a good applicant?

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I am currently applying to PA schools and have already gotten some rejections due to a low undergrad GPA. I came across Missouri State and applied because they take the last 60 hrs.


I have a B.S. in Biology

About to finish a M.S. in Medical Sciences

Have several PA shadowing hours in different departments

Have a great amount of patient contact hours.

My gpa for undergrad is below a 3.0 (bad first 2 years)

My gpa for last 60 hours is 3.4

GRE: verbal 420 math 650


Do I look like a good applicant for this program?

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What kind of patient care experience do you have. My GPA was right at a 3.0 and GRE was comparable but where I sold myself was my experience. If you have "hands-on" experience, you may be able to buffer that a bit. I would encourage anyone to apply to PA school. If you don't try then you will never know. :-) Good luck!

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