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Reapplying with CASPA

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Hey everyone! With the 2021-2022 application cycle approaching, I wanted to clarify something a friend of mine mentioned occurred to them when they reapplied last cycle.

My friend mentioned that if you select the option in CASPA to use the information from your last application, CASPA will not review your transcripts again and you will end up with the same calculated GPA, even if you took additional coursework to boost your GPA. I was just hoping someone else could confirm this is accurate, if it is true. 

Thanks and good luck to everyone in the upcoming cycle! 

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They will transfer over the transcript directly as they were submitted the year before. Any additional course work will need new transcripts (I believe) and verification. So the GPA will be the same on the transfer.


 Now this is not something I had to deal with and this is the way I believe it is...so I may be wrong. I would technically call CASPA.

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