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Drop for W grade and retake, or keep B- grade?

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I'm planning to apply for my first cycle this summer... I'm not expecting great things though because I've been having a very difficult time keeping up with school during COVID.  Right now I'm sitting at a 3.25 in my post-bacc GPA (undergrad GPA around 3.6), mostly because of a C and an F this summer due to somewhat of a personal crisis-- should've dropped the classes but didn't manage to in time.

This semester I have already dropped 2 courses (now W grades) because they were taught on campus without adequate COVID precautions being taken.  I am currently earning a B- in Biochem (online through UCSD extension), without hope of improving it.  I'm thinking I should drop it for a W and retake the course to hopefully earn an A, but am concerned that my transcript is already looking a bit like swiss cheese. 

Anyone have thoughts or advice?  Unfortunately, I also have a slew of W grades through my undergraduate transcript due to ongoing mental health struggles at the time, so it definitely shows a pattern that I'm sure might be concerning to admissions.  I'm hoping that they might be a bit more forgiving due to COVID for these most recent classes.

I do also have around 2,000 hours of PCE, this year I have mainly been working doing COVID testing and soon vaccine clinics.

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Taking a W during a pandemic because a school wasn't taking enough precautions for you may be explained in your application. Since CASPA grades average, covering a B- with a later A+ is only going to make it maybe a B+ or an A- (with twice as many credit hours because you took it twice) which isn't going to do much for your post-bacc average.

Reading between the lines, it sounds like you have some mental health issues that have been going on. Maybe you should hold up on the PA application route and get yourself together first? Assuming you do get into a program, the pressure will only increase. If you do decide to hit the pause button, you might also be able to come back and do better on the few post-bacc classes you have left.

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