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Two semester sequence vs. 1 semester basic bio and basic chem

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I'm in the process of taking my prerequisites for PA programs. Because all programs seem to have slightly different requirements, I based the classes I'm taking off of UW-Madison's require course equivalencies since I live in Wisconsin. What I recently realized though, is that Madison requires one semester each of basic bio and basic chem (along with biochem and microbio), and most other schools require a two semester sequence of basic bio and another two semester sequence of basic chem. I already took the Madison requirements. Am I totally screwed? Are there any other schools that you know of that don't require the two semester sequences? It seems silly to go back and take entry level bio and chem when I've already completed for advanced level bio and chem classes. 

Additional info: To save money, I'm taking the classes at Milwaukee Area Technical College, which is reputable and directly transfers to Madison as well as other colleges. I have a bachelor's and a master's in unrelated fields from four year institutions.

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If the prerequisites is 8 hours of gen chem then you most likely will have to taken them if you are in fact going to apply to other schools. You can always ask the schools to waive the classes, if you feel like it it appropriate, but I don't feel that that generally happens. Ultimately up to the schools and how they feel. Hopefully someone will have once been in the same situation and be able to help.

I would love to tell you schools that don't require the full 8 but I don't know of any. Good luck though!

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