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Working as a part time PA right after graduation?

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Hello! I am applying this round to start PA school in 2022. I just got engaged and am planning getting married in the next two years. I really desire to be a PA and make a difference in the lives of my patients and world around me but I also really desire to start a family, be a mom, and make a difference by raising some great children. 

With that, I would try and avoid having a baby while in PA school but I don't want to continually push starting a family off, neither does my fiancé. I would love to have a baby shortly after graduation. With that, I really desire to work part time. I would ideally work part time as a new mom and as my family continues to grow but then transition back into full time. 

Is it feasible to find a part-time PA job as a new graduate? (I would most likely be working in Nebraska living in a smaller city/larger town as my fiance is an agronomist.)

Thinking of all of this makes me so anxious. I have also considered going and getting my accelerated BSN instead. I know it is easier to find part time work as a nurse, but I would hate to get to the point where all my children are older and I am working full time and dissatisfied as a nurse and disappointed I didn't become a PA. Don't get me wrong, I think the world of nurses, but I have always been attracted to PA work instead. 

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I don't think looking to work part-time is beneficial to any new graduate. It would take you even longer to become seasoned/efficient, and potentially opens up risk for the hiring party b/c you're not fully vested in learning.

I'm sure there are stories of individuals who worked part-time by choice straight out of school, but with the amount of responsibility expected of us and other factors you might be setting yourself up for failure.

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Women have babies after graduation (and even during the clinical year) but made arrangements to work full-time. I suspect that an employer would have a hard time taking on a part-time new grad employee and spending the time training them when you have full-time candidates to consider.

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I have all the same concerns as you @jmj1999. I am two weeks into clinical year and have been thinking of leaving school because I worry about not being able to find a part time gig afterward. I can't decide if it's worth it to finish school if my demands will make me un-hirable afterward. Out of curiosity, what did you decide to do?

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